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Ekka 2017

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I went on Saturday and again yesterday. Doing some volunteering. Here are some pictures, I tried to cover changes to the Ekka mostly, or places I think may soon be gone.

Some of the changes I'm happy with, and some not, especially the ugly car park.



The first of many beers, it was warm yesterday.

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Great pics! Not a fan of the car park either. Just a Besser block building with some metal caging.
I considered going to the EKKA this year but then I realized there are better things I can spend the $ on (like the new pairs of shoes I bought the other day or the LEGO parts I am in the process of ordering so I will have them in time for the October LEGO show).

Great photos though.
Great photos as always Aussie Bhoy!

Personally, my disappointment was that neither the new Royal Snack Bar Pavilion or the Dairy Industries Hall & Sugal Pavilion were open for Ekka which, AFAIK, was the intention. I'm not sure whether the builders didn't make the completion date, or just that the RNA couldn't work out what to do with the buildings, but either way it added a dead spot to that side of the showgrounds.

I've got a stack of Ekka photos to go through, but hopefully I'll be posting them over the weekend.
Thanks Aus. Disappointed about the Royal Snack Bar. I'm going Saturday.
Great pics once again Aussie Bhoy!

I too have mixed opinions on the snack bar, the old one was so iconic, the new one is more of a copy of the James st market from what I have seen so far... Ill be in bris next weekend to see it for myself but im not having high expectations now.
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My 3rd and final visit today, covered a few spots that I missed earlier. I tried to get a few photos inside the pavilions too.

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As I thought same old same old (in a good way) and it's looking ok. Slowly winning over to the changes. Look forward to the visit, thanks for posting, I'll make sure I check out Cross River stand, but that Ambulance WOW.
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