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Time to get back down to business.....

some music to listen to while looking at the pictures.

This is a picture of a hot woman in red, with St. Pauls Cathedral as a backdrop.

This is a picture of St. Paul's Cathedral

Now, for the money shots. The wind was crazy, but nothing compared to the steps to the top. I felt like that fat American guy in the movie In Bruges.

Me chillin' up top. I almost lost this hat to the wind, as well as an Admiral Nelson poster & St. Pauls coffee mug.

I know this guy from somewhere......oh thats right. He's on the piece of paper thats worth nothing in London.

Stereotypical London weather that I was expecting, but only got one day of. Westminster Abbey was incredible. Having Jeremy Irons do the audiotour greatly added to the experience.

I had to see the place where one of my favorite Milwaukee bars is named after.

The great Emirates Stadium. The stadium itself, no offense, reminded me of an NFL stadium. The only downside is that the tours were sold out for a week!

Tate Modern, very imposing looking building (inside and out). Not really a fan of modern art, but pretty cool. Lots of hippies playing guitars on the main lawn. Also cool was a jazz band playing underneath a local bridge. Sounded like Mardi Gras!

I also got to check out the Imperial War Museum. Very impressive WWII display.

No joke, these two pictures were right next to each other on my camera.

The uber-awesome British Museum. So big that I couldn't even do it all in a day.

No, I am not going around taking ass shots of statues. If I wanted to get off to an inanimate object, I could have stayed with my ex.

Quite possibly one of the biggest highlights of my trip. Me and my friend were probally the only ones laughing at this human vs. cenatur beat down. Unfortunely, they didn't have a t-shirt with this image. If you didn't know, the centaur won and presumably raped some girl.

The Rosetta Stone, where I met one of the 4-5 people who knew I was from Wisconsin.

More to come!
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