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el_norte's first post... and first GTC

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This is my first post on Skyscapercity... although I've trolled around for a while.

Anyways, see how you do!


3 at a time, guess country or city...
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Latvia, Estonia, Poland?
Running cold here i'm afraid
Vietnam, Brazil, Nigeria??
Laos, Thailand, Myanmar??
Laos, Thailand, Myanmar??
one point. well done
c'mon folks finish it off
Rangoon, Maulmyine, Kyaikato?
Astralis ftw. 3 points
no kidding. sad to say that it probably doesn't look like that anymore. I spoke with a friend there who is in dire straights, i'm sending him some money tomorrow - his house and possessions were literally blown away in the cyclone
Yeah, it's a terrible tragedy in that country.

End of the contest...:D
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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