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So the much needed electrification of routes out of Manchester will after all take place, despite the Spending Review, though there is some anger that the time for the work has been extended so that it won't be finished until 2016 at the earliest.

More details here:

There's also a generic SSC Rail Electrification thread here:

But with both Crossrail and Thameslink now fully committed to, what do forummers think about the balance of where rail investment money is going?

Should the North West be counting its blessings to get any money at all?

Or is infrastructure investment still too heavily skewed to the South East?

And what's happening with that proposed "Northern Hub" at Piccadilly?
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From DoT website today:


9. On the Great Western Main Line, the Government is confirming today that the lines between London and Didcot, Oxford and Newbury will be electrified. In the North West, the routes between Liverpool, Manchester, Preston and Blackpool will be electrified. In more detail, that will include:

· Liverpool to Manchester via Newton-le-Willows

· Huyton to Wigan

· Preston to Blackpool

· Manchester to Preston
Pretty handy when it's done!
mmmmm - sounds like a bit of a fudge eh?

Bet they'll quietly drop this, leaving congestion problems in Piccadilly throat - bit like the way all transport investment outside the capital gets stuck in the throat! :lol:
So Wingy - what's the reason for the re-launch? Heard any good news that work has about to start?? :)
Looks like time to resurrect this thread...:cheers::cheers::cheers:
Lets hope it doesnt go the same way as the il-fated Manchester-Sheffield electrification works in 1954

(Nice image posted on flickr by champion old rail relic "mikeyashworth")
British Railways - Manchester, Sheffield & Wath electrification - locomotive 27000 with passenger train, c1954 by mikeyashworth, on Flickr[/IMG]

Lasted less than 20 years! What an obscene waste THAT was!
...and also from mikey's collection:
British Rail - your new railway - London Midland Electrification - 1966 by mikeyashworth, on Flickr[/IMG]
You make a good point here Future, and I do wonder if there will ever be any new 3rd (& 4th) rail anywhere. Except perhaps if any of the Underground ever gets extended (Battersea/Camberwell/Watford being the only 'live-ish' remaining proposals left AFAIK).

Suppose we might get a little more in the 'protected' form of DLR but completely exposed live rails seem to be finished. With contemporary views on protection of wildlife and animals generally, ground based current fries too many poor creatures.

Does anyone think that maybe one day they might even replace some of the 3rd rail in the S.E (or even MerseyRail) with overhead? Plenty of dead foxes/cats etc along the lines there would tend to indicate that might eventually be a wise move??
Although 3rd rail is used by merseyrail and around south London, it wont ever make an apearence in any other areas. For various technical and safety reasons, overhead is generally considered a better system and it is already the most common electrification system in the uk. ail trains may be dual voltage which means they can work on both systems.

Seeing as how this is now quite definitely "under construction" :banana: can any of the Admins please shift it over to the Construction thread page? :)
...and a little video with not much extra info on it but nice to see the tram and rail projects mentioned upfront.
Has to be good news.
Budget: £560m Northern Hub upgrade boosted
Aaron Morby | Wed 21st March | 13:15

Any chance we can please see some more pictures everyone out there (for us lot who are so distant from the action)? :)

Anyone know what the latest status of the (cancelled) electrification from Victoria to Stalybridge is please?

I ask simply because:

* Stalybridge seems to have a "new" platform that was (probably?) designed for the service.
* The works site beside Roy Oldham Sports Ground in Ashton seems too big for what is essentially only supposed to be the signal replacement works now.

Are they doing the Mancunian thing and getting on with the necessary preparations for the electrification? IE might it still go ahead anyway, one wonders?
Thanks so much for looking those links out Wrinkly. Had a quick flick through and will tackle the 48 minute YouTube later as that does look fascinating.

There does feel like a "head of steam" (old tech, but appropriate for this) to tackle the decades of under-investment, but one amusing line that jumped out: "It rains a lot in the middle of the Pennines, so it's very difficult to construct in".

200 years of railways and we're still thwarted by inclement weather! :bash:
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Ashton Moss depot is still fully stocked-up with 24/7 staffing (security I guess) and today I spotted bundles of construction materials deliberately placed along the trackside on the site of former Droylsden station.

Is it too high a hope that they may be starting the groundwork for the long delayed electrification between Stalybridge and Victoria? One can live in hope??
Spotted from the tram just outside Victoria:

Brand spanking new catenary.
Surely this is the start of the knitting to Stalybridge???

Any Updates?

In all the talk of various transport infrastructure improvements, has there been any progress or mention of rescuscitating the TransPeninne electrification? Even if only from Victoria to Staylbridge this would certainly be a huge help, plus isn't that yard at Ashton Moss still in place?
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...too right Farsight, the delays are insane. And as you hint here and in other posts, quite probably deliberate.

Meanwhile, in the last decade around the world...
(Far as I understand) this reprehensible move was driven by one Alistair Darling, (not Prescott, MarkyDee). Think it was he who leant on the DoT during 2004, summarised by this pithy quote a year later:

"We will continue to be prepared to support trams, where they are the right solution. But we will not do so at any cost, and in many cases a well designed and promoted bus-based system is likely to provide a more cost-effective solution."

After that Manchester as we know had a huge fight on its hands to "Get Metrolink Back on Track" and many areas promised light rail never returned to the agenda. Mr Derivitive knows more and will doubtless post better detail. But it was a very sad for public transport, shamefully from a party supposed to support it.
These pics are so good to see - I used to walk across the over bridge Steve shot them from almost every day and looking down the track towards the Manchester skyline trying to imagine what the overhead would look like. The electrification of this line is so overdue it hurts but thankfully being done as we type.
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