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So the much needed electrification of routes out of Manchester will after all take place, despite the Spending Review, though there is some anger that the time for the work has been extended so that it won't be finished until 2016 at the earliest.

More details here:

There's also a generic SSC Rail Electrification thread here:

But with both Crossrail and Thameslink now fully committed to, what do forummers think about the balance of where rail investment money is going?

Should the North West be counting its blessings to get any money at all?

Or is infrastructure investment still too heavily skewed to the South East?

And what's happening with that proposed "Northern Hub" at Piccadilly?
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Tokyo has a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 10 in Winter and a minimum of 19 and maximum of 26 in summer (with balanced rain and sun all year round) according to the Japan Meteorological office. The frozen north has a minimum of -7 and maximum of 0 in Winter and a minimum of 19 and maximum of 26 in Summer (with a lot of sun and not much rain particularly almost drought like Springs). Meanwhile the west has a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 in Winter, a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 33 in summer (not much sun in winter but a reasonably good quantity in summer and a lot of rain in summer, little in winter)
Was between 34 and 37 when I was there in July, I'm surprised the summer high is 26 when it is on the same latitude as Cyprus. The 1964 Olympics took place in October due to the summer heat. Nagoya hit 40, the heatwave was headline news, but the trains ran as normal.
Those are the norms, there will of course be outliers as here. Japanese summers are particularly bad though because they are very humid, a very sticky heat even if the temperatures themselves aren't huge and why a lot of Japense buildings have AC (also American cultural influence).
Read through the TfN Report, absolutely nothing new, no changes on a year ago.
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Consultation April 2018, yep I was right there was no change on a year ago lol :)
Lets put it this way, they've got 99 days till Brexit and Boris cabinet reshuffle kicking out most of the remain supporting cabinet ministers so they can now vote against has actually reduced the chance he can get a hard Brexit through parliament, which means a general election, which means 99 days to win as many votes as quickly as possible.
Bi-Modes on the Southport-Alderley Edge services from May 17th ive heard.
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This £317m is specifically for electrification Church Fenton to York.

As it stands the TPE trackworks have been authorised but the only electrification along the route is Church Fenton to York (and the left over bit near Manchester funded from previous scheme). They are going to have to cough up over a billion pounds more to completely electrify the route.
Steve, 769s are currently banned (under normal use) from using the OHLE due to some interference issues when switching power modes. They have blacked out the signals twice at Oxford Rd recently, unfortunately they have a habit of running out of fuel now.

There's some lovely looking 379s from East Anglia going spare, they would do just nicely on the Wigan - Stalybridge jobs.
That to me sounds suspiciously like earthing issues where the signals are picking up stray current being discharged via the rails.
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