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Hey everyone, decided to head down to Parramatta last week and visit Australia’s oldest building (1793), Elizabeth farm, followed by the heritage walk though Harris Park.

Elizabeth farm, originally owned by John and Elizabeth Macarthur, is now owned by the Historic Houses Trust of NSW. The house is great to visit as you are allowed to interact with all the furniture, kitchen etc etc.

Id give you all the low-down of history but its heaps more interesting to go there and discover for yourselves.

Along the heritage walk you will also see Experimental Farm and Hambledon Cottage..........once the only buildings for engulfed by the suburban sprawl of Sydney. Sad but that’s history.

Parramatta (even though it’s a bit sleazy and shady here and there) is an absolute amazing place to discover our country’s history. As Australia’s second oldest city it is full of amazing architecture and culture.


Enjoy :)

This is fun when the school kids are dressed up in convict uniforms made to do the washing :) :)

The oldest exotic tree in the country, planted by the Macarthurs !!!!!

This part of roof here is the oldest european structure in the whole country!!!

Convict Saw marks

Along The heritage Walk...

Parra Skyline in the distance

Hambledon Cottage

Experimental Farm



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great photos.
many historians debate about oldest bldg. Yes it was built 1793, but it has been modified 5 times in first 70 years. many think Experiment cottage is more authentic example of colonial architecture built 5 years later in 1798.

the roof doesnt look that old. should have restored original .
pic from 100 years ago

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