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Elsmere is a suburb of Wilmington, just west of the city. Elsmere's population is around 6,000.

Elsmere was founded in 1886 by Joshua T. Heald, who was a land developer and the Wilmington City Railway founder. Heald saw an opportunity for a suburban community at the junction of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad and the Wilmington & Reading Railroad. The town was within walking distance of the railway yards for the two companies, and was also close to a few factories in neighboring Wilmington. Lot owners in Elsmere had the choice to build their own houses, or hire a contractor to build a house from a few models. Elsmere was incorporated in the 1920s to prevent Wilmington from annexing the community.

A house on Beech Avenue in the Elsmere Gardens neighborhood.

Houses on Beech Avenue.

A house on Oak Avenue.

Houses on Oak Avenue in Elsmere Gardens.

Rowhouses on Filbert Avenue in the Elsmere Manor neighborhood.

Rowhouses on Filbert Avenue.

Rowhouses on Dover Avenue.

Suburban rowhouses on Linden Avenue.

A bungalow on Linden Avenue in Elsmere Manor.

Serpe's Bakery, on Kirkwood Highway. The bakery was founded in 1952 and is known for their tomato pies.

Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Church, on New Road. The parish was founded in 1948, and the church was built in 1991.

Casapulla's sub shop, on Casapulla Avenue. Casapulla's subs are a Delaware tradition and one of the big local sub chains in the state. Casapulla Avenue was originally known as Phillips Avenue, but was renamed since the sub shop is so popular in Delaware.

Houses on Vilone Road in the Vilone Village neighborhood.

Houses on Marvilo Avenue.

Brick houses on Olga Road.

Houses on Richard Avenue in the Vilone Village neighborhood.

Houses on Sanders Road.

An apartment building on Parklyn Court in the Parklyn neighborhood.

Apartment buildings on Ruth Road at Chestnut Avenue.

Houses on Olga Road in the Parklyn neighborhood.

A house on Olga Road. Austin D. Baltz Elementary School is in the background.

Houses on Ohio Avenue.

A house on Baltimore Avenue in the Elsmere Manor neighborhood.

Houses on Western Avenue at Baltimore Avenue.

Rowhouses on Rodman Road in the Canby Park neighborhood of Elsmere. The Canby Park neighborhood is also partially in the city of Wilmington.

El Sol, a Dominican and Mexican fast food restaurant on Kirkwood Highway. Elsmere has a large population of Dominicans, Colombians, Mexicans, Guatelamens, and El Salvadoreans, and Latin American restaurants and businesses in Elsmere tend to be very successful.


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Eww, the last thread I wanted to see on here. Nice pics tho!

Elsmere is like the cyst on Wilmington's ass haha.

Sorry, I abhor Elsmere, it's probably a fine little speedtrap to anyone else.

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Aw, it's not so bad. The barber shop I go to is in Elsmere. It's less wretched than some stretches of Kirkwood Highway outside Elsmere, and parts of Naaman's Road, to name a couple other gross areas of greater Wilmo.

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All the surrounding towns along with the county never failed in their plan to stop Wilmington from annexing and becoming a bigger and better place. Elsmere is a perfect example. It falls directly on the other side of the city limits and just 2 - 3 miles from the city center. There couldn’t have been much of the old railroad town in the 1920s since most of the housing stock didn’t come about until after the 1940s. Everyone just moved outward from Wilmington after WWII and never looked back in support of their old home. It’s as if the city were sitting on its own limbs, limiting its reach and cutting off its circulation.

No matter the case, I look at the surrounding communities as the outer sections of Wilmington. Elsmere will always be the nicer name for West Wilmington to me. That western zip code of 19805 has a good-sized population near 60,000.
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