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Emaar: Better website

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For those who don't know, Emaar has upgraded their website. Much more informative.
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Looks much nicer, better layout and easier to navigate. Didn't check out the content though. Thanks for the research.
Shittier, less USEFUL information, more shit!
why wont they give me prices, i need prices, BURJ DUBAI , prices, id otn wanna some stupid sales person
also the map of Dubai is teribble to navigate
I believe it's better for those that are seriously contemplating purchasing a home. It is a much better "WEBSITE" than before. You want prices....go track one of the million agents, selling on behalf of someone trying to make a killing. Or, did you think you might have a chance to buy directly from the developer? That's a seperate issue from the design of the website.

They now have virtual tours, pictures, and useful links. This is an upgrade. :)
How is it better for those seriously contemplating purchasing a home when they've gotten rid of the bloody floorplans!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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