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EMAAR Jakarta Tower

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Emaar Jakarta tower to be the tallest in SE Asia
The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

Dubai-based real estate giant Emaar Properties plans to build a landmark tower in Jakarta, which would be the tallest skyscraper in Southeast Asia, a presidential envoy says.

Special envoy for the Middle East Alwi Shihab said Monday the Chairman of Emaar, Mohamed Ali Alabbar, had proposed the project to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono during an informal meeting on Saturday.

"At the moment, we're still looking for the right location in Jakarta for the site of the project... we are ready to build the tower, our homework is to find the right location, " Alwi told The Jakarta Post.

Emaar, the largest land and real estate developer in the Gulf, is famed for its ongoing construction of Burj Dubai in Dubai, which would be the highest skyscraper in the world. The 718 meter-tall building is scheduled to be fully constructed by the end of this year.

Alwi said the Jakarta project was part of the company's commitment to invest in Indonesia.

In March, Emaar signed a joint venture agreement with the state-owned Bali Tourism Development Corporation to build an integrated tourism project in southern Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, with a total investment of US$600 million. During the initial stage, they would build four luxury hotels, including Ritz Carlton and Giorgio Armani hotels, along with related tourist facilities.

"Emaar has started building its offices in Lombok and is carrying out trainings in conjunction with the tourism ministry for locals to assist in its projects," Alwi said, adding that up until now, the Indonesian government had received investments worth almost $5 billion from the Middle East and that it was targeting to attract $10 billion by 2009.

He said among those committed to invest in the country was Ras Al-Khaimah of the United Arab Emirates, which would bring a total investment worth $1.5 billion to construct an integrated port at Tanjung Api-Api, and a railway line from Palembang to Tanjung Api-Api.

Another company, Dubai Drydock, is ready to invest up to US$1 billion for the construction of a shipyard and an industrial city in Batam.

The envoy said the company had opened its office in Indonesia and had paid for the project's land, while adding that conglomerate company Pacific Inter-Link planned to invest US$500 million in a palm oil refinery plant in Dumai, Riau.

Dubai-based Al Ghurair Group also showed its commitment to invest around $500 million in the renovation and improvement of old refinery plants.

Previously, Saudi Telecom Company's Axis invested US$1 billion in the telecommunication industry. Alwi said the investors hoped to fully realize their commitments soon.

"Some of them complained that bureaucracy in our country has been too slow in responding to their proposals. While it only takes a few months to manage permits in Malaysia, for example, it could take years in Indonesia," Alwi said.

This had caused many of them to invest in Malaysia and Singapore instead, he added. (dia)
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Good News.. :eek:kay:

btw ni Jakarta Tower yang dulu?
kl se SEA aja mah ga tinggi2 amat yah,, :D:D
tinggian dikit dari Petronas tower mungkin..

btw banyak amat Ritz Carlton..
berita lama sih,,

Pengusaha Teluk Investasi US$ 3 Miliar di Indonesia
Kamis, 20/03/2008 | 09:13 WIB,

Dubai:presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono berkiprah menjaring 45 pengusaha Teluk terkemuka di Dubai. Hasilnya lumayan juga. "Jumlahnya sekitar US$ 3 miliar," kata Presiden.

Dalam kesempatan itu Presiden sempat menyaksikan perjanjian joint venture Emaar Properties dengan PT Bali Tourism Development Board (BTDB) untuk membangun resor senilai US$ 600 juta di Lombok Selatan. Di tanah seluas hampir 1.200 hektare itu akan dibangun Hotel Ritz Carlton dengan fasilitas golf kelas dunia.

BTDB adalah sebuah BUMN, sedangkan Emaar Properties adalah perusahaan properti kelas dunia yang nilainya, menurut Alwi Shihab, sekitar US$ 25 miliar.

"Perusahaan ini sukses membangun kota di berbagai pelosok dunia, seperti di Saudi, Tunis, Suriah, Turki, Pakistas. Sheik Mohammed Ali Alabbar, pemilik Emaar, minta diizinkan membangun kota baru di sekitar Jakarta," ujar Alwi.
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still waiting the rendering of EMAAR jakarta tower... what kind of design and will be arround 500m?? cause petronas its 450 m right?? this project will be the tallest at SEA asia..
OMG........Limitless and Emaar in Jakarta. Competing for 1 crown : SEA Tallest Building ;)

Ga nan, bukan Jakarta Tower. Ini EMAAR Jakarta Tower .. yang dulu itu GKBI punya :D


btw, i have a dream that somewhen in the future, property tycoon from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Phillipines joining together, making an ASEAN Landmark Tower. 5 typical tower in each city in 5 different countries. As a symbol of unity among ASEAN Member ;)
Good News.. :eek:kay:

btw ni Jakarta Tower yang dulu?
kl se SEA aja mah ga tinggi2 amat yah,, :D:D
tinggian dikit dari Petronas tower mungkin..

btw banyak amat Ritz Carlton..
Semakin banyak jaringan Ritz Carlton di Indonesia, artinya Indonesia mendapat kepercayaan yang besar. FYI, Ritz Carlton adalah hotel kelas premium (5 star plus). Jaringan hotel sekelasnya adalah Four Seasons, the Regent, St Regis dan the W Hotel. Jadi semakin banyak kehadiran hotel-hotel kelas premium ini akan meningkatkan citra Indonesia. Belum lagi hotel-hotel dengan label designer semacam Bvlgary, Giorgio Armani, Versace dan Tiffany. Kita tunggu saja perkembangannya.
aweeesomeee :eek2::eek2:
minimal 655m buat ngalahin PAGCOR Tower di Manila :D
aweeesomeee :eek2::eek2:
minimal 655m buat ngalahin PAGCOR Tower di Manila :D
Tentunya akan lebih dari PAGCOR Tower di Manila. Kan sudah di bilang bahwa Tower tertinggi di South East Asia.:cheers:
What a good news!! :banana::banana: I hope it would be taller than 700 m
Wow....super kinclong but tjis Indonesia gua kagak percaya kalau belum dimulai dibangun, kayak JKT tower kabarnya kabur....:nuts:
aweeesomeee :eek2::eek2:
minimal 655m buat ngalahin PAGCOR Tower di Manila :D
Is PAGCOR counted as a 'gedung' :? ....

btw, PAGCOR kaya tongkatnya Dumbledore yah... :D:D:D
PAGCOR apaan ya?
tingginya brapa?
PAGCOR adalah Philippine Amusement Gaming Corporation, that operates 15 casinos in the whole Philippines. 8 VIP clubs and 3 slot machine arcades in major cities across the country. It also sees and regulate more than 180 bingo parlors across the country. Simply, they are into gambling and entertainment business.

Pagcor tower (655M) will be built in Manila bay, near Mall of Asia, the largest mall in the Philippines. The Pagcor Tourism City is a US$20 billion project. Groundbreaking was already done last March 2008. Construction will start in 3rd quarter of 2008, with casinos, hotels, sports stadium, oceanarium, theaters, malls, etc. Investors are from UK, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia and the government of the Republic of the Philippines.

Di Filipina, perjudian is legal. :)
seharusnya di jakarta judi juga dilegalalkan but harus disediakan tempat n khusus para turis.
jk ada org indonesia yg mau judi harus deposit 20jt misalnya...jadi hasil pajak dari judi bisa digunakan utk bangun insfrastruktur...daripada hutang luar negri=semua org indonesia harus tanggung bayar ke negara...
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Emaar builds expansion to Indonesia with office opening in Jakarta

Dubai, UAE; May 7, 2008: Emaar Properties, the Dubai-based property developer with a significant presence in 36 markets globally, has accelerated its development plans for Indonesia with the opening of its country office in Jakarta. The office will steer the development of Emaar's first project in the country, the mega-tourism and mixed-use project in Lombok, and also explore new opportunities for growth.

Emaar is one of the first developers from the Middle East and North Africa region to expand into Indonesia, an emerging market with strong growth potential, especially in the tourism sector. The Lombok site, to spread over 1,175 hectares, will be an environmentally friendly project that will energise the country's tourism sector.

The opening of the office follows the joint venture agreement signed by the Bali Tourism Development Corporation (BTDC) and Emaar, in Dubai recently, to undertake the Lombok project. Masterplanning for the AED 2.2 billion (US$600 million; IDR5,446 billion) development is scheduled to begin in April.

"With our development plans for Indonesia, Emaar is consolidating its geographic expansion in Asia," said Mohamed Ali Alabbar, Chairman, Emaar Properties. "Emaar's country office in Jakarta will lead the company's efforts at identifying new growth opportunities in the country, and also ensure the on-schedule delivery of the Lombok project, which has the potential to create a new tourism hub like Bali."

The master-planned community is set on the Kuta and Tanjung beaches and will integrate natural elements into a residential, leisure and hospitality zone. The leisure spread includes diving, snorkeling, hiking and surfing sports, for which Lombok is acclaimed globally. The Lombok project will have over 17 km natural waterfront, which will support a marina, apart from luxury residences and resorts by five-star hospitality chains.

"The project will generate new jobs and support ancillary economic sectors," added Mohammed Ali Abdullah, Regional Executive Director, Emaar International - Indonesia, Algeria and Libya. "In line with environmental best practices, the Lombok project will explore new advances in project development and create a sustainable tourist hub."

Emaar had highlighted its commitment to Indonesia with the rebuilding of an earthquake ravaged village. A joint initiative with the World Association of Non-Government Organizations (WANGO), Emaar's project in Ngelepen encompassed the construction of unique Monolithic EcoShell Dome homes, which mitigate the effects of natural disasters.

Emaar's expansion to Indonesia is in line with its Vision 2010 to become one of the most valuable companies in the world through geographic expansion and business segmentation. Emaar has a growing presence in Asia, and last year opened its first Emaar - Raffles International School in Singapore, which also marked the company's move into education.

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judi itu haram.... :)
but it is not haram for all Indonesians.
rememberrrrrrrrr not all Indonesians are muslim.!!!! :D:D:D
Yes...not Indonesian Islam:lol:. But banyak Islam Indonesian hypocrit or munafik:nuts:
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