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Emerging Kerala - Biennial Global Connect

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Emerging Kerala is planned as a biennial Global Connect, the first being 'Emerging Kerala 2012' scheduled to be held from 12th – 14th September 2012 at Le Meridien Convention Centre, Kochi, Kerala. The Hon'ble Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh would inaugurate the three-day investment summit.

The event is organised by the Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC) with the support of the Government of Kerala (GoK), in addition to various Trade and Industrial bodies. The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and National Association of Software & Services Companies (NASSCOM) are event partners.



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Out of the 40,000K, only 650K is for the capital city. Means, < 2% of the proposed investment is for capital. Very very pathetic. This can happen only in Kerala.:badnews:
Healthier competition between cities is good. But politics and lobbying are very rude.

Initially, somebody pointed out that the capital city got the maximum number of projects listed in the EK website. Now what happened???
Capital city's share is very negligible. We all expected that things will happen in this way only.

The main beneficiary is Ernakulam district, which is the favourite place of the ministry itself. Around 70% of the investment is for ernakulam district alone.

Kozhikkode & malappuram districts come next.

It is unbelievable to hear that the IT capital doesn't get a single investment proposal in the IT sector.
We all know that the Technopark Phase II & Technocity are big projects.
As an established IT capital, investors surely know about the advantages of Trivandrum. So if there are no proposals for TVM, it means that these projects were not at all showcased in EK or the government didn't highlight them enough.
So there is surely a joint effort to sabotage the projects or place them in cold storage for some period of time. When some one asks about them, govt. can say that land acquisition is delayed due to local protests.
So things become much more clearer on how the capital city is being sidelined.

Next heavy blow is that the much awaited and prospective Vizhinjam container transshipment terminal was no where in the scene.
From the example of Ernakulam district and other surrounding districts, it is clearly evident that a port is inevitable for the development of a region.
By means of port, import of raw materials and export of final products can be done. Once a container terminal becomes operational, ancillary industries will surely come. This will not only benefit trivandrum, but the surrounding districts also.
If Vizhinjam project was already completed, I am sure that Trivandrum could have get much more investments than the present.
So everybody understood that if the port doesn't materialise, the development of the city will be staggered. That is why there were so many controversies and delays in materializing the project. There are sabotaging from local as well as global players.

How foolish can a person be, in order to think like, "Vizhinjam cannot be considered as a major port" (whereas a port like Azheekkal can be).
Most of the major ports including Kochi are build by heavy dredging.
Vizhinjam has the natural depth more than enough for a new generation container/cruise ship. Also, the place is nearer to the international shipping route. Investor has a great cost saving in the dredging and considering the projected traffic, it would be profitable for the developer as well as the company that is going to run the operations. Also, government will get a huge share of the income and profits as government will be having a major share in the project. In spite of all these advantages, the project has not become fruitful and no body has evinced interest in the same. This is something hard to digest.:dunno:

Poovar shipyard and ship repairing facility by CSL also went to freezer. At the same time, CSL declared a ship repairing facility in Kochi.
Now CSL is a Mini-Ratna company. Currently they are planning to go for Navaratna status. For that one of the criteria is that, it should have facilities spread across places. So in order to do that, they planned for a facility @ Vizhinjam/Poovar. I don't know why they backed out.

According to government, EK is a huge success. But the capital city is a huge loser. It got a big ZERO.
A) Whatever has been proposed at this meet is just - "proposals". Except of course for BPCL and Petronet, which were either already in various stages of development. Do you think that BPCL pulled this out of a hat at EK? :lol: The capacity expansion was on the cards for the past several years and in fact some of the first tenders have already been invited.

B) Also discount "investments" like the VW plant which even the supposed "investors" haven't heard of.

Let me not even begin to comment on vested interests within this Government and which places they favor and do not. That point is moot after this event and will only spark needless discussion.

Vizhinjam will come on its own. The development process is well advanced and there are several developments happening behind the scenes which will come to fruition soon. The new project master plan will showcase a project unmatched in the region, not just in India, in terms of depth, capacity and capabilities. Considering the fact that the vast preponderance of the reaction to any announcement about Vizhinjam is to sabotage it, it's ideal to work quietly, and come out in public once everything has been sewn up.

As for Technopark & Technocity, there was a pronounced lack of focus on showcasing them. Fortunately, leading MNCs are investing thousands of Crores quietly without fanfare. As the brochure at EK said, there are 6 Million SF of operating space with 48,000 people at Technocity and a further 5 Million SF under construction and a whopping 10 Million SF expected to shortly enter construction at Technocity. At least 6 independent campuses of over 1 Million SF are either construction or in development.

This is actual development, it doesn't need a media blitz or spin-doctoring to happen, it already is. Only those who have to depend on make-believe to survive need worry about media publicity. :)
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ഇത്ര വേഗം തുടങ്ങുന്നതിനു മുന്*പ് തന്നെ അടച്ചു പൂട്ടുമെന്ന് കരുതിയില്ല !! :rofl:

ഇപ്പോള്* മനസ്സിലായാ ?? പറഞ്ഞാല്* അറിയാത്ത പിള്ള ചൊറിയുമ്പോള്* അറിയും :lol:
Maybe someone was talking about establishing a couple of workshops to go with their showrooms in Trivandrum and other cities, and it got lost in translation.
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kashtam ayi poy....:eek:hno:
ithra chirichu mariyan shatru rajyathe proj onnumallallo illandayathu.. we should rather be sad if this s nt gng to happen in kerala
Noble sentiments indeed, I am sure you are equally devastated by the delays to the Vizhinjam project, which I don't need to remind you is also in the same State.

I don't think anyone is celebrating the fact that the Government has been concocting falsehoods to justify their event, a move that makes a mockery out of their credibility but also damages investor confidence.
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ആഗോള ഐടി ഭീമനായ ഒറാക്കിൾ 2002ൽ ഒരിക്കൽ വന്നു. ഇന്നലെ ഒരിക്കൽ കൂടി വന്നു

2002ൽ തുടങ്ങിയ ഓറക്കിൾ ആപ്പീസ് ഇപ്പോഴും അവിടെ ഉണ്ടോ ആവോ? ? :)
IBM is associating with the Startup Village and four engineering colleges for providing skill development and assistance in developing IP. It's not a development center or anything of the sort.
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Even if such a proj was coming from a fraud event or fraud cm (as people claim here), we should have been happy since its good for us. The same way,When it turns out that it is not going to happen in our state, we should be sorry.
Let me get this straight, you would be happier with good false news than none at all. Damn, that's really snaffling the Kool-aid!

But pointing out such public falsification of facts is a crime? Topsy-turvy.
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Nobody in this forum I guess would in their good state of mind will oppose a proj of that magnitude.
+100, I just hope everyone's unanimous about that.....
Yeah you got it right. I would rather be happy in some good news than none ( at least till if it turns out to be false). I am a common man and I dont have any other choice
In short, believe in fairy tales? Aren't we all a mite too old for that?
For example, a former IT Advisor who played a key role in last govt's IT policy, was bashing RP group's plans to establishing Convention Center in TVM, saying Ravi Pillai is doing the same in Kovalam palace land in Asianet News Hour.
Let me get this right, you are saying the Kovalam Palace is getting converted to a convention center?
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But few forumers are believes and forced to make others believe all in the world are against it... What can we say for that? Many among them are under impression, the entire Indian ports will be closed, when this one comes, so all are against it.... What to say.... To be very specific, a large chunk believes, Kochi is going to be hit hard, when it becomes reality.
Cutting through the evident confusion of the plural and the singular, and of the vernacular, you are alleging that some forumers believe that all Indian ports will be chased out of the market by a single project? Could you please point out instances of such outlandish claims before making such references here?

The truth of the matter is that Vizhinjam, with its depth, location and its expected operational efficiency, is meant to compete with regional transshipment hubs and to help our nation save precious resources that are being lost through inefficient logistics. It's meant to make Indian ports and India stronger, not weaker.

Kindly refrain from insinuating things that no one is implicitly or explicitly saying.

As to the bogus VW plant, no one even said that it's going to be located at City A or B. So the exposure of the bogus claim to be such should not affect any particular set of interests, rather it's a king-size dent on the rapidly crumbling credibility of the event and its proponents. I see no reason for anyone to feel slighted or no sense of loss over something that was never there in the first place!

Rather you ire should be directed against folks who deliberately mislead the general public who foot the bill for the entire shabang!
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I myself in opinion, Kovalam Palace must remain with RP group and highlighted as world class hotel, than opinions of an old man, who has no idea what historical value it has, when many other historical properties are rotting in our state......
Have you and yourself seen this Palace? Do you honestly that such a small structure, which is a glorified bungalow at best, can be converted into a world-class hotel?

The question here is about the intricacies of the lease which has now changed hands many a time, starting with the Galfar Group way back in the era of the NDA Government's privatization drive.

Btw, you are free to post news clips and opinions just as the next guy. The only thing is that I see just an opinion of one side in this issue, not a total falsehood as announced with great fanfare by an elected Government and its elected Leader.

No one's bashing any project or city here, despite the evident accumulation of evidence that there may be a well-orchestrated land grab in progress under the cover of this event. What's being criticized is the way that the event itself and its outcome are being portrayed. As the CM and the Honorable Governor of Maharashtra said at the valedictory function last evening, "constructive criticism" should be welcomes. This will prevent this sort of thing happening again.

Of course, if some folks bet their house on this and got burnt along with its credibility, that's their poor choice not anybody else's fault. I hope we arw square on this now? :)
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Aslesh, Did anyone told EK was an Investment meet? It was B2B meet and a meet where Investors look out for potential investments... They have explored several ideas and its upto to them to sign up or not.... It not any GIM, where they announce projects and sign MOUs....
Well, they started by calling it an investment meet, and then probably a case of feetus coldus Keralacus developed and it was re-branded as an "investor awareness" program. In fact, the event's own website states that it is "your opportunity to explore, invest and establish your business interests in Kerala"

An investor meet is not a bad idea, but it should be properly planned with a select set of well researched and presented proposals. It may be noted that not even a single proposal put forward by the Government and its agencies months in advance seem to have garnered private investment. The vast majority, and across district lines, seem to be real estate projects which were pre-packaged and conveniently unwrapped at the event.

Not that I am against real estate development, I'd be the last person to say so. Projects of any sort are welcome, and SSC will be the richer for a few marque projects to talk about. Provided they actually happen and not fall by the wayside like the dozens of supposed "mega" projects that we have discussed to death here.
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Was it me who said so? Why don't you advise the man who said it? I myself have stayed a couple of times in Kovalam's Haylcon Palace and hence you don't need to teach me...
Dear Irshad, I assume that you meant the Halcyon Palace? Well, good for you. Even more surprising that you believe it has the scale to become a hotel or convention center. Perhaps a couple of suite rooms or a mini-museum.

But none of guys here posted this news clip, here, while bashing EK... Whereas we saw many here, all aimed at Kochi.....Since I don't believe in bashing, I will not post any such, be it in TVM or Kochi or Calicut..... Afterall these are mere allegations and we need investments, not allegations
Perhaps, because a clip with a former adviser to a former CM talking about a small little project pales in insignificance to a clip about how the current CM apparently misled the entire State about a supposed marque investment worth thousands of Crores?

It so happened that the same was tagged with a particular city, which no one protested at the time. Only when it went down in flames, did protests about city-focused criticism come up.

So in short - if it's good, I want it, if it sucks, let the neighbor have it?! Aren't we implying double standards here? I could be wrong....
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Looks at Kerala government budgets ..TVM gets most..i
Here we go again, what munificence in the budget are you referring to? Better leave that can of worms unopened.
In my knowledge, they called the meet as Investors Meet right from beginning....
Yet, you questioned Aslesh earlier on the same point.

Aslesh, Did anyone told EK was an Investment meet?
So which is it?

Then most of mega projects as announced by GoK cannot be achieved on day one. It definitely require more concrete approach and more time.
I didn't expect someone to plonk down a suitcase (or container) of cash and pick up Vizhinjam or the State's bullet train madness but the point is that even the smaller projects in the Government's list have failed to garner EoIs, forget outright investment proposals.
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Surprised... This attitude you talk, is mostly seen in one sect of sub-forum and its forumers, against which I am criticizing now...Good to see, you realized the basic genes which you might be familiar.......Thanks for joining with me.....
You assume too much buddy, I didn't join you on your quest to foist charges on anyone. Instead, my point - and which you seem to have missed - is that one shouldn't bask in the limelight when things seem to be going good and then scarper for cover at the first sign of trouble. It applies to everyone not just a "sect" or sub-sect of your choosing.
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What is wrong in getting more state funds for the its capital city.
Well Rajesh, you forget that Kerala has the unique distinction of having multiple "capital" cities, of various hues and tones. I suppose the true capital should be flattered that so many others are desperate to insert that word into their descriptors. :)
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