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Empire Exhibition 1938

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Yo, I just found some rather small images of the Empire exhibition and well they speak for themselve. Still can't believe they demolished it all.

Peace Pavillion

Crown Fountain

Northern Cascades

Great Lake

Atlantic Restaurant

and of course, The Tower of the Empire (Tait Tower)

I've got more and will post them up soon
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Entrance Gates

Concert Hall

Coal Pavillion

Canadian pavillion

Austrailian Pavillion

Burma pavillion

GPO Pavillion

Dominions Pavilions

Colonial Pavilion
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Got anything a bit bigger?

That tate Tower looks increadable.
i had found a magazine (Weekly Illustrated) from 1938 which i bought for a measly £4 at a local car booth sale. It's got the Tait Tower on the front cover and a special feature of the Empire Exhibition.
I'll take some pics of it and post them here.
:applause: Haha thats just made my day! (damn I wish I'd thought of that!)
Haha Touche. Although you got the better pic I admit.
The road running east/west along the bottom edge of the park in the pic is Mosspark Boulevard

The pavillion top left of the exhibition in both pics is now the site of Bellahouston Sports Centre

The Tate Tower was situated at the top of the hill which is on the Paisly Rd West side of the park (I suppose), Helen St heads off south to Govan down past what appears to be a stadium (on the right)
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Any experts want to guess how much it would cost today to rebuild that tower?
Best Demolished building in the UK?

With the possible exception of St. Pauls in London?

I've added a rate a scraper poll

So I've err 'borrowed' a few of the above pics! ta!
Fantastic Pictures guys.

And yeah stephen, this could well be one of the greatest buildings in contemporary time to be demolished in the UK.

Such a shame.

Awesome stuff :)
Tate Tower Today

I thought it would be quite interesting to create a picture of what Glasgow might look like, if Tate Tower were still here today.

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That is awesome kenny thanks for that. :)

That would actualy make the councilors to maybe reconsider recreating the tate tower for belahouston park which was considerd a few years ago as the foundations for the tower are still there burried.
Thats class Kenny! Needs rebuilt, cant think of any reason why not.
Has anyone got pictures of the older EE? I'm sure there was one and there is pictures inside the Kelvingrove. There was a picture of a building that was absolutelly gigantic!!

Sorry if it wasn't the EE but it would be nice to get pictures if you guys have any.
There were a few huge exhibitions held in Glasgow prior to '38 Empire Exhibition,

1888 International Exhibition of Science, Art & Industry ( The proceeds of which went into building Kelvingrove, 6 - 11 million visitors depending on which report you read )

1901 Glasgow International Exhibition ( 11.5 million visitors )

1911 Scottish, Exhibition of National History, Art & Industry ( dont be misled by the Scottish prefix - it attracted 9.4 million visitors )

The 1901 exhibition's 'main' building was the particularly vast Eastern Palace ( which may be the building you have in mind? ),

The proximity of Kelvingrove gives you an idea of its scale,

There are very few images knocking about on the net ( wonder what the Mitchell Library might have? ). Visit this guys site for the best photos ( they are copyrighted and cant be reproduced without his permission ), Annan were the events official photographers.
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