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I think this would be the best place to put this.

An interesting event that happened today

I was in midtown and ended up at the Wendy's on 5th across the street from the Empire State Building. When I came out all of a sudden there were crowds all looking up and pointing towards the top of the tower. Police cars started to arrive and shut down 33rd street. Fire trucks started to arrive. The word on the street was it was either a suicide jumper had jumped or was hanging out getting ready to jump. More and more people gathered. Mob mentality. One person looks up, they all do

I had my binoculars on me (dont ask) but could see nothing. Seemed like a hoax to me that a couple hundred people fell for. A new small crowd was gathering around a pair of swedes who were showing off footage from their video camera. I checked it out, and they were on the observation deck and got first class footage of a guy hanging onto the observation deck railings from the other end, hanging over the edge of the building. Police and other people were holding onto to him through the bars and then they were evacuated off the tower. Thrilling stuff

UPDATE: Turns out it was a stunt, this guy really wanted to parachute off the Empire State so he bought himself a fat suit to hide his parachute and wore old man makeup. Got up there, took off his stuff in the bathroom and made a dash for the edge. The security gaurds got wise to him early and intercepted him and hung onto him through the bars while he tried in vain to push off so he can fall. They hung onto him until cops arrived, removed part of the railing and arrested him.

Only in NY
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