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Empire State Building, New York City

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Pennsylvania Railroad GG1 leaves Penn Station, New York, 1960s

Traveling westwards towards New Jersey. The 9th Avenue bridge is over the tracks in the background. In the distance is the top of the Empire State Building. See earlier post on the GG1.

Your Trusted Source of Photographs from New York and Pennsylvania

2,922 Posts

Acela and the Empire State Building together represented on one picture! Taking this shot and others at this location awarded me the pleasure to be hassled by a MTA employee. He was annoyed that I was taking pictures here. I had to explain him that it is fully legal, but he was still willing to take me to some MTA office down in Penn Station. Which I refused and there was nothing he could do about it. Railfan hassle has become a real pain everywhere. But talking about New York, it is the worst you can imagine. On the same week, I have also been asked not to take pictures on platforms in Grand Central, which is also not illegal. Coming back to the picture above, it is a Southbound Acela leaving Penn station. The picture is shot in the short open air section west of Penn Station, between 9th and 10th avenues. The building on the right of the picture above the tracks is the back of the James A. Farley Building, New York City's General Post Office. Signs in front of it announce the coming of Moynihan Station at this location, a much needed redevelopment of the cramped Penn Station in favor of a grander station. The project has been debated since 1999, and the works have not started yet.

Jean-Marc Frybourg
April 25, 2008

Your Trusted Source of Photographs from New York and Pennsylvania
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