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Empire State Building - With or Without ????

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Empire State Building - With or Without ????


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It doesn't look too bad either way. It could get away with both, but I think I like the second version slightly more.
WITH. Proportionally it is the natural conclusion of the spire.
It looks like an enormous canon without the spire!
I say with but it's sexy as hell both ways.
with. it's like, "let's go higher, sexier!!!"

I can't imaging how Empire State Building would look without!
With - It looks very blunt and awkward without.
Oh dear... this is not Michael Jackson's nose we are talking about. It cannot
be bobbed every now and then for fashion's sake. That would not do... it must
be left the way it was intended.................
With...and that billboard scars the hell outa me.
1 - 20 of 39 Posts
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