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Multi-billion dollar 'Energy City' to be set up in Qatar
Posted: Monday, April 04, 2005

Qatar-based Al Addiyar Real Estate Investment Company said it had signed an agreement with Gulf Energy, to develop an `Energy City' in Qatar. It said the 'ground-breaking development will raise the global stakes of Middle East's energy sector, reshape the dynamics of its business and expand its role in the management of above-ground resources'.

The construction of the project will begin in the third quarter of this year, said Al Addiyar Real Estate Investment Company chief executive Nassser Hassan Al Ansari.

Al Addiyar is a government-owned company with a capital of $1 billion and Gulf Energy is a global consortium of leading energy consultants, researchers and academics.

Gulf Energy will develop the marketing as well as technical strategy in co- operation with Al Addiyar Real Estate to develop this landmark project.

The multi-billion dollar Energy City, positioned as the first-ever integrated, energy hub in the region, will significantly enhance the Gulf region's ability to capture critical revenue streams from hydrocarbons, and act as a nucleus for the core elements of the vertical section of the Middle East's oil and gas industry.

Commenting on the project, Nassser Hassan Al Ansari added:

'According to the master plan, the `Energy City,' will function as a nerve centre of global oil and gas business in the Middle East, by attracting the biggest players in the hydrocarbon value chain.

'It will consolidate markets, R&D, technology, education, training and finance under roof, promoting co-operation at both commercial and technical levels.

'The development will also offer opportunities for real estate investment in hotels, exhibition halls and malls.'

The project is a pioneering initiative that will take the Middle East much beyond its role of just controlling over half of the world's oil and gas reserves.

Energy City will place Qatar on the world energy map, joining the league of other key energy centres like Calgary, Singapore, Houston, Stavangar and Aberdeen.

'The multi-billion dollar Energy City will revolutionise the oil and gas sector in the Gulf,' Ansari said.

'It will house an integrated complex where international and state-owned oil companies and service providers will base their operations.

'The Energy City will also integrate crucial asset classes such as hi-tech data, infrastructure, communications and advanced management.'

He said the Energy City would also have a Shipping and Trading component which can be housed anywhere in the Gulf and still be part of Energy City - thus reinforcing its regional character. It will host the Gulf Mercantile Exchange (GMEX), trading rooms, brokerage offices and base for shipping and logistics.

The intellectual and technology cluster will form the heart of Energy City. Its Core Research Lab and Data Centre will form a crucial area comprising a main research laboratory linked to geology & geophysical analysis facility.

Ansari said the Energy City would also offer research centre a Research Satellite for environment, renewable energy and regulatory policy.

An exclusive Education and Training Centre will be set up in collaboration with Imperial College, Texas, A&M and IFP, with regional affiliations.

The Service Industry Satellite will serve as a base for oilfield services industry comprising drilling, service, EPC contractors, offshore suppliers and seismic companies. The Infrastructure and Downstream Satellite will house downstream companies.-TradeArabia News Service
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Great news especially for you, and you know, without even lookin at this thread cause I just woke up and directly posted in the Qatar section ;).
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