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After a quick scan through the forum index, I couldn't find anywhere quite right for the wind power development recently announced by the SG:

Given how distant energy projects generally are from cities, I think that counts as Glasgow news in some, very wide, sense...

I also thought it would be useful to have a thread, even if little used, that drew together any energy -related news. There might just be enough to sustain a thread.

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Just to clarify, I still hate hippies, cyclists, whale song and blast one off every night in anticipation of the completion of the M74. Anyone got a problem with that?;)

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1,000 new hydro schemes to power Scottish homes

Scottish and Southern Energy's new £150 million hydro electric scheme at Glendoe

By Jenny Howarth

SCOTLAND is set to enter a new era of hydro power after an influential report revealed untapped potential for more than 1,000 new schemes across the country, The Scotsman can reveal.
The study, commissioned by the Scottish Government, reveals enough extra hydro potential to power a quarter of the nation's homes.

It shows there are still 657 megawatts of financially viable hydro electricity schemes to exploit, which would power about 600,000 homes.

This is about half as much as the 1,379 megawatts of installed hydro capacity that already exists in Scotland.

The Scottish Government, which aims to provide 50 per cent of electricity from renewable sources by 2050 and has rejected the use of nuclear power, said hydro would play a crucial part in meeting the target.

Hydro already provides about 6 per cent of Scotland's electricity – more than any other renewable source – and will be crucial in the Scottish Government's aims to make us the leading green energy country in Europe.

However, there is concern among salmon anglers about the impact on rivers, and environmental groups have urged caution when developing new schemes, especially in beauty spots.

A Scottish Government spokesman said hydro power had a growing role to play in how Scotland would meet its energy needs.

"We have ambitions to make Scotland the green energy capital of Europe and hydro is a huge part of our diverse renewables potential," he said.

"New hydro power can reduce emissions, tackle climate change and contribute to sustainable economic growth."

Scotland was one of the first countries in the world where electricity was harnessed from water, and huge hydro schemes were built in the middle of the 20th century.

However, it had been assumed the limit had been reached, with industry leaders saying there were few sites left for major projects.

Now, the new report by the Forum for Renewable Energy Development in Scotland suggests there is considerable untapped potential, using schemes smaller than 10 megawatts in size. These could be developed on a community basis by farmers or small landowners.
...continues at the Scotsman.
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