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Oh kurdistan is flouded with africans and asians working there.. for example my unqle employed an african maid, $200 a month + all personel expenses and living acomidation..

But yeah, they work in resturans, malls and construction.
same for all parts of iraq unfortunately... whilst the locals have 30% unemployment...

it must be banned so locals can work.
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the telepherique is very cool! Iraq needs more of these!
Arbil is looking great! love it!
Yeah the longer runway is, the smaller one next to it is the older one.
what will the old runway be used for? military? but that new runway is MASSIVE!
persi. I think that's sulaymania.
very very nice. amazing what a few years development does.
Not only for that, also for: not having your seatbelt on, using your mobile phone, parking somewhere where it is not allowed, ignoring traffic lights, and so on.
its the same in the rest of Iraq (officially). But only in Baghdad do they really enforce it.
fine depends really. 30-50k dinars. you can try to bribe the policeman but he may drag you into prison if you do. :D
hi sirwan.

there's already a photo thread for erbil here.
that is sami abdul rahman park in central erbil
Nah the Central Erbil is the the citadel and the area around it..
to be pedantic... yes that's the "old" centre. but 60 meter street is a "new" centre... and its only a few hundred meters away!
that building (i think its supposed to be a new hotel) on the junction between 60m street and ainkawa rd is not too bad in the flesh... one of the better modern buildings in erbil... there is a lot of aluminium cladded tackiness in erbil too! lol.
i like the design of ishik uni.
good to see areas outside the "rotana hotel" triangle...
1 - 14 of 2026 Posts
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