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welcome to the forum Kamaran

I'm from Auckland (born in iraq). Actually i used to get three Kurdish tv channels in Auckland.. it's not hard to get.

and they used to show great updates on Kurdistan :)
thanks for the great shots alyaa, very nice contribution
do we have project threads for those two towers?
Important note to everyone:

I ask every to please double check their sources before posting photos on this website, I cannot emphasis this enough

although I'm very sure that elusive wasn't aware that the above photos were taken by alankurdi, I ask every to make sure that this is the case before posting, as this user has indicated he does not wish for his personal photos to be linked with this forum.
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^^ no worries mate, it's not like you did it on purpose.

it's just that we don't want to give those mentally-ill trolls a reason to come here and post their crap ! so we should avoid them at all costs.
1 - 9 of 2028 Posts