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the new fountain area near the Erbil Mall

and the citadel across the road:

inside the citadel:

new mosque in erbil

Minaret of Sheik Chooly:

the grand mosque

view from citadel:

thanks Tabouleh, we all hope so too! :)
beautiful place!!! Hope it all calms down soon so you can regain peace and reconstruct the whole country! Regards from Lebanon
i like the building in the 2nd last photo...what is that for?
erbil is becoming a very beautiful city, sorry about the sizes:

glad you liked them, will post some more soon :)
relax people its not that bad lol...
^^ nice photos, but i couldn't help but laugh at "burger queen" haha
^^ would look amazing in a movie
erbil is looking more beautiful each day!
lol that's hoe carrefour looks like
1 - 19 of 46 Posts
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