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Well those poor guys do the jobs that the locals wont do, like cleaning roads, carrying bags etc..
same for all parts of iraq unfortunately... whilst the locals have 30% unemployment...

it must be banned so locals can work.
A great video of hawler.

Sara why did you post his video? the guy is an idiot and gave a false identity to Kurdistan, a biased Turk.
I read his blog he said:

1. Erbil has only got 1-2 star hotels
2. Erbil only offers sandwiches to eat
3. He seems to think the 'kurdish run north' means kurds run all of north Iraq and so the 'kurdish run north' is not safe becuase of the Sunni triangle.
4. Miss represented kurdistan with a few pictures of the most crap places anyone could go to in erbil.
Who? lol, well it shows a great view of Erbil, so why not.
Erbil airport, getting closer and closer to Erbil. Ainkawa is also getting very close to Erbil.

Yeah the longer runway is, the smaller one next to it is the older one.
is that the new airport?
1 - 12 of 39 Posts
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