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LOL it is already one of the most beautiful ! cus no city is developed as Erbil and at the same time has this amazing nature which god gave it to this city !
example here in Dubai its mostly desert but with towers and malls .. lol ..
or in Iran they have good nature as well but not much development ! :)
Peroza Erbil for this beautiful city :D
relax, i hope that too.. but theirs still cities such as dubai, abu dhabi, ajman, manama, doha
AJMAN !?!?!?!?!? lol that so unfair for Erbil ! common sis ! Ajman seriously ! lol
nah Erbil is really beautiful !
mi also forgot to mention kuwait city, and how could i forget tel aviv etc..

1 - 9 of 2026 Posts
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