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oh i see what happened to the old airport itself ? btw chon la imageshak sayri rasm akay ??
Nazanim bochi bakari dakan. bro bo websaytakeyo search bka.
what will the old runway be used for? military? but that new runway is MASSIVE!
Probably.. and yeah it is.
Wow! nice progress on the building in the first pic! I remember just a couple only 50% finished. Seems like the reform project that started got some positive results! :D
Looks like Divan hotel is completed... looks like the Park hotel or whatever it is next to it is finally starting to get some glass in it :D and the empire tower is starting to look awesome too!

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The divan hotel IS the park hotel. :D

Look it says 'Divan' at the top and then 'THE PARK HOTEL' at the bottom..
The other one is called Erbil park hotel or so..
21 - 27 of 2026 Posts
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