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Very beautiful, thanks Alyaa
can't wait to visit :)
great photos bruv, very tasteful :)

In Iraq, cutting down a palm tree is said to let a life disappear. During 2003 invasion in Iraq, a large number of palm trees were cut down in order to visualize things are cleared. Some of Iraqi people think this is why they had heavy mortality.
^^ that is NOT erbil ! its here in Dubai. this place is close to my house ! LOOL
hahahahaha its BS man .. i swear this carrefour is near to where i live .. PS if it was in Erbil why theres no kurdish beside the arabic ? :D
lol yeah a franchise of carrefour was opened in erbil and aha i dont know lol thats ramadan mubarak thing might be a set all in arabic the rest of the shop might have kurdish ;) lool
and it doesnt seem to be up to dubais standards , i mean look at the roof lol it definitley doesnt look like dubai :p
lol that's hoe carrefour looks like
all carrefour stores in Dubai has the same roof ! man this place is CLOSE to my house .. :D
its not only ramadan mubarak, even no smoking and Natural dates are written in English and Arabic me this is DUBAIIIII :mad:
Wow! nice progress on the building in the first pic! I remember just a couple only 50% finished. Seems like the reform project that started got some positive results! :D
Very nice, thanks elusive :cheers: :banana: Go Erbil Go :banana:
121 - 140 of 2026 Posts
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