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Esbjerg, Ribe and something between

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Following last years Vejle, Fredericia and Lillebælt tour, my dad and I continued the tradition, and went on a little spring trip. We decided to go to Esbjerg and Ribe, since it has been a long time since I was there.

We decided to go friday (yesterday), since it was a national holiday, tough it would probably have been more interesting today, but that wasn’t a possibility.

First a map of the area, we have Esbjerg and Ribe on the western side of Jutland:

Esbjerg was the first stop on the tour. It’s the 5th larges city in Denmark, and the city itself has a population of 71.886, while there’re 114.148
in the municipality (which Ribe is a part of now). It's a quite new city, and the large port is a big reason why Esbjerg have grown to the size it has today. The port dominates the skyline, whith all the chimneys.

Let me say it right away - Esbjerg was DEAD. The reason was of course the holiday, and I’m sure Esbjerg is more fun to be in when there’s actually some life in the streets, but this day it was just dead. That also explains why I didn’t take that much photos.

Let’s get started with the photos. First have a 4 big men, sitting by the waterfront in the northern part of Esbjerg:

They're looking out on the "Wadden Sea" (right word?), which starts around Esbjerg, and goes all the way down to The Netherlands:

Passed by these "container towers" on the way back to the citycenter. I know thay wanted to build the tallest Danish high-rise on the harbour, but I didn't think they would do it this way. :D

The location for this "DK's tallest highrise" is also a little futher south/east than the previous containers. I'm really starting to doubt they'll ever get that tower build, and with the newly proposed 142 m "Light*house" in Århus, the 125 m proposed Esbjerg tower won't be the tallest anyway. Here we have a brand new office building in the area where the tower is supposed to be:

Esbjerg has a nice watertower close to the harbour. It's was closed this day, and also under renovation. In the summer it is open for the public all days:

And now a bunch of photos from the central part. It's a mixed pleasure, with both some quite nice older buildings, and some not so nice newer ones. Like for other "young" cities. Again, the lack of people is because of the holiday:

Moving on to Ribe, since Esberg was a tad too dead this day. On the way we stopped by the sea, at this small damm (right word?). There's a big difference in the waterlevel because of the tide, which has made a quite uniqe landscape. It's was a was nice little spot, on such a hot sping day:

Shortly after we arrived at our last destination. Ribe is pretty much as opposite to Esbjerg as it can get. It's a small town with a population of just 8081, but is still has a lot to offer. And it was actually a lot more lively than Esbjerg this day. Ribe claims to be Denmarks oldest town, true or not I don't know, but old it is. The first signs of settlement here, and from around 710, and it has been home to vikings, kings, queens,bishops, traitors, witches, floods and fires. The biggest asset is the large cathedral, which is among the most impressive in Denmark, altough it's constructed with a weird mix of styles. Most of the town burned in 1580, but was rebuilt afterwards, and today most of the town centre is preserved. Let's start with the cathedral:

And some views from the 53 m tall tower:

Back on the ground again:

Ribe has it own flatiron building, though a little smaller than it's brother in the big apple. :D The bar in the building is called "Strygejernet" with means flatiron.

Some small houses, probably not among the oldest:

And here one of the really small alleys, which Ribe has quite a lot of:

Some old houses:

The water running through Ribe is devided in smaller parts, which some places runs between the old houses:

That's it for now. Not that many photos, but it wasn't a very long trip, so it's all I have. :)
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Awesome tour mate - you even made Esbjerg look interesting :D

Ribe looks great - :drool:
Awesome pics! The cathedral in Ribe looks neat, nice mix of different eras :) Good job!
lurvely! i wish sweden had more old shit left... most of what little we had was torn down in the 50's - 60's :rant:

I sure love them old brick buildings, and the landscape!
I like Esbjerg. I think it is actually quite pretty and looks much bigger than it is. I would even consider moving there when I move back to Denmark if there was anything there for me to do.
Thanks mlm
Very nice trend you and your father have there. Where are you going next time?
Those white men looks amazing with the blue sky in the bacground :)

Off topic:
Regarding Ribe and the "Ribe Domkirke" cathedral...
I actually made the intire fire protection system (Siemens)in the cathedral some years ago. This also included protection of the old "Organ!", Towerwatch and other strange places. Not easy to install cables in souch an old builing. But I went to some areas not allowed by public.
And now am at it... I also protected the old postoffice building in Esbjerg.
Nothing special compared to the church though.
/\ Oh I don't know, Odense maybe. Or double A. Those are surely two underrepresented cities here. Maybe I should go there myself this summer instead, I'm sure there's a lot to show. :)

Sounds lile a very cool job, with the fireprotection of Ribe Domkirke. I did actually notice your work inside the tower, when walking to the top. You are the one who put up the extremly old "Tobaksrygning strængt forbudt!" sign there right? :D

@ milwaukee-københavn: I guess Esbjerg is okay, though I doubt I could ever get used to that awefull smell of fish all the time. :wink2:
your threads, mlm, always fantastic!! :)

btw - that new office building in esbjerg is reeeeaaally nice! could you please-please upload a bigger photo? i'd like to get a closer look... thanks in advance! :)
Yeah that new office building is very interesting, looks like the funkish-modern stuff they built in the second half of the 20s.

Ribe looks awesome, such a cool little old city, and the way its just the old city and nothing else just makes it even more cool!
Ribe is a very nice little town, been there several times since I've been living all my life just 40 km south of it. And with these pictures you bring back some very good memories - thanks for that mlm:) (they actually also reminds me of my hometown:))
Esbjerg is a very boring city, the most boring of the 10 largest in DK I would say...there's nothing there besides the harbour, a crappy hocky-team and a football team that also sucks big time:D...but the statues north of the city are amazing - I would claim that they are the best newer monuments in whole Denmark:)
btw - that new office building in esbjerg is reeeeaaally nice! could you please-please upload a bigger photo? i'd like to get a closer look... thanks in advance! :)
Sure, here you go. :)
Very nice pics! Gotta love that little town! :D
Great photos of 2 great cities/towns!

Hope you and your dad enjoyed your trip! :) wish my dad and I could do the same... too bad he lives 7000 miles away.. :(

Oh well, cheers!
Esbjerg is one of those few smaller places people go to, not to get through as with many small towns along highways and with trunk routes passing through, but they get there to get away with the ferries, in this case to England.
Really nice photos. I also love Ribe and the great, white men in Esbjerg. To me they are like modern versions of the ancient Moai statues on Easter Island.
wow nice pics
Just saw this post:

Really nice pictures, mlm! But why didn't you bring some of Utzon's new playhouse? It's right next to the water tower, and I am sure you must have seen it. It is actually quite interesting - especially INSIDE (the foyer).

For many of the other commentators: Esbjerg is better and more interesting than its reputation. Huge, expensive filters were placed on the chimneys over 10 years ago, so the smell of fish is almost non-excising these days. Besides, there are almost no fishing ships left in the harbor - and moreover the old fish factory is to close down within short time. All to say: There are almost no fishermen and fishing activity left there anymore. But, of course, the "fishy" reputation sticks by, which is sad, but I guess it's easy for many to always take point of departure in this framing of Esbjerg, when they are talking or writing a story. They should know just a little bit better. And perhaps Esbjerg hasn’t done enough trying to change that outdated image.

Many things have happened there the last 10-15 years including Utzon's acclaimed playhouse, Wiig Hansen's "Man at Sea" and the plans for a high-rise etc. on the harbor. There are also plans for a new museum of art next to Wiig Hansen’s famous sculptures.

Having written all that let me be clear: There are many, many more-boring cities in Denmark than Esbjerg (also in the top-10). I have LIVED in Ålborg, Odense, Århus, Esbjerg and Copenhagen, and honestly, Esbjerg is compared to the first three not that horrible. Not at all – but of course it depends on one’s premises.

I am not living in Esbjerg currently, not at all, but is always alarmed when reading shallow comments – I must react;-)

Thanks for great pictures, mlm!
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And i haven't replied on this thread! :bash:

Really, really good photos mlm! Nice architecture and scenery. :)
Hehe thank you for these, very late:D, replies.

Fab 5: To be honest, I didn't know about Utzon's playhouse, and didn't really notice it. :dunno:
The watertower was the last thing we saw, and it was on the way out of town, since everything was so dead that day.

I don't really know Esbjerg too well, but I'll probably visit it again soon, since I got weels now, for the the first time ever...:)
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