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Ethiopia - daily life photos

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i thought id start a thread on photos showing everyday life in ethiopia - lots more photos to come

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The best thread I have seen so far. Capture the truth. Nice.
What a colourful country. Luv the Amharic script.
best thread in the entire section. this is what all threads should be all about. thanks.
Outstanding life capturing photos of this historic country! The everyday human experience speaks volumes.
photo from the countryside this kid has such straight hair!!!!!

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ethiopian school

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temple carved into mountain cave

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Beutiful....I love Africa, I want to go there so badly.


Look back and watch me
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Ethiopian women:cheers::banana::cheers::banana:
I have seen those blue minibus or taxis(in SA) in Zambia and pictures of them in other African countries , are they supposed to be blue by law or do they just buy them from teh same place.
1 - 20 of 240 Posts
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