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Ethiopia: still leading...from behind

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We are the worlds 2nd poorest according to a set of criteria by Oxford University.
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The ridiculous claim of this thread bested only by the ridiculousness of this response. Oxford has done no such thing. You can't seem to help pulling BS out of your ass and publicly proclaiming it as fact. Do you never feel any shame?

As for the report itself (which is based on a relatively new metric called the Multidimensional Poverty Index), despite the date stamp on the article, it is not recent. It is dated and can no longer be considered accurate. What is important to look at isn't so much where Ethiopia is currently relative to other countries but where it is headed. Trends provide context, snapshots do not. My suspicion is that for all its ills, Ethiopia is on a positive developmental trajectory, and so any statistical measure which looks at trends is likely to confirm this.
what the hell is that, birtukan mideksa, meles zenawi,, and the article is still dated for the 17 june 2014:eek:hno:,,,another horn African news website,,, Sunta Sunte ,,,so what Oxford university put us second from the last, Oxford dictionary has also put famine and Ethiopia as synonymous ,,,not even the most extreme opposition party will claim that Ethiopian economy is not growing now.
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Interesting. Then I guess I stand corrected about the datedness of the report. It looks identical to the report published last year and the year before, hence why I assumed it was.

That said, perhaps you should have read report you referenced yourself as it basically validates everything else I said. It is trends that matter. And as far as trends go, Ethiopia is ahead of the pack:

The largest absolute reduction in the destitution MPI was seen in Ethiopia, followed by Niger, Ghana, Bolivia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Nepal, Haiti, Bangladesh and Zambia – all of them LICS or Least Developed Countries except Ghana and Bolivia.8
Absolute reductions in the intensity of MPI poverty – the average share of deprivations poor people experience at once - were strongest in Rwanda, Ethiopia, Nepal, Bolivia, Niger, Tanzania, Cambodia and Ghana. These countries made most progress in ensuring their ongoing poor people are ‘less poor’, by reducing the number of hardships they experience.
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I don't think so. I don't see anywhere in the data that suggests that it is all from 2005.

Otherwise, this wouldn't make sense:

Have you yourself read the report? I don't think so. You were so eager to report bad news on Ethiopia, you've posted something you barely understand. The MPI for Ethiopia is based on data from 2005, which basically makes it obsolete (in Ethiopia's case). How about you try being fair? There are both bad and good in Ethiopia, but recently the good outweigh the bad. There's a mountain of positive data on Ethiopia if you care to look.
  • Ethiopia reduced the percentage of destitute people 30 percentage points from 2000-2011
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