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Ethiopia: still leading...from behind

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We are the worlds 2nd poorest according to a set of criteria by Oxford University.
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Have you yourself read the report? I don't think so. You were so eager to report bad news on Ethiopia, you've posted something you barely understand. The MPI for Ethiopia is based on data from 2005, which basically makes it obsolete (in Ethiopia's case). How about you try being fair? There are both bad and good in Ethiopia, but recently the good outweigh the bad. There's a mountain of positive data on Ethiopia if you care to look.
Dude have you actually seen the report. Its dated 2014. The only ridicoulous thing is destitution is getting worse while TPLF spin doctors proclain decade long solid economic growth. Check out the report..
Yeah, I guess we should believe you ... because your name rhymes with Kunta Kinte?
Dont believe the few shiny aluminium buildings in Addis Ababa you see on this forum.
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