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ETIQA BANGSAR | Kuala Lumpur (Bangsar) | Completed (2018)

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Located at Jalan Bangsar in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia National Insurance Tower enjoys exceptional visibility within the establish area of Bangsar. The proposed 28-storey building shall stand out on its own against the backdrop of lower blocks of the surrounding areas. The building design is a play of dynamic, progressive look and the sculpted volume & ridged edge enhance building height.
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look like some building in Manila...can't remember the name....

got starbucks somemore!!
it looks like a building in Seoul
baqthier said:
Elegant! Another MNI! I wonder where the exact location is! Near Dataran Maybank?
Could be, since there is a large plot of land which is currently being used as an open-air carpark... Furthermore, the LRT line is right in front...

MNI must be cash-rich, since they are able to built another office so close to their HQ on Jalan Pinang... I presume they will be using this building mainly for investment purposes...
That's one of the best locations for an office building... At least the workers there can minimize the use of their cars when coming to work since the LRT station is right at the doorstep!

When are they going to start piling and ground-breaking, btw?
any cranes movement over there??
Malaysia National Insurance Office Tower
Source : Hijjas Kasturi

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Very nice, it does look modern with a touch of traditional design on the facade :)

Another great masterpiece from Hijjas Kasturi indeed... damn nice liao. :D

i like it so so much. hope they will build it soonest possible.
Malaysia National Insurance Office Tower
Source : Hijjas Kasturi

so small and ugly.don't like it :sleepy:
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