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Etrategic tourism plan announced

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Strategic tourism plan announced
The National Tourism Strategic Plan (Plano Estratégico Nacional de Turismo- PENT) defines 10 competitive products which include added-value offers such as gastronomy and an upgraded sun and sand attraction. PENT establishes guidelines, products and sector plans for geographical areas such as Douro Valley (north) and Alentejo West Coast and defines maximum occupation rates in critical areas. Upgrading and reorganisation of tourism products offered involves new Projects of Potential National Interest (known as PIN) to be added to the three such PINs already approved for Tróia, Porto Santo and Algarve, worth €600 million and adding 7000 jobs. Secretary of state for tourism Bernardo Trinidade says all PIN proposals will be speedily attended to and when these fail to comply with programme objectives the developer will be advised on suitable changes. Government is to take forward earlier announcements of changes to travel agency legislation, leisure facility operations and licensing for tourism developments. The secretary of state says his department is committed to increasing, upgrading and diversifying demand to boost incoming tourism numbers. The aim is to raise average daily spend per tourist. Other targets are improved infrastructures particularly air and road and accessibility, minimising red tape, improving training and professional qualification, promotion, and support for added value projects. Portugal ranks 17th in terms of tourism arrivals and 24th in terms of world revenue. Tourism represents 11% of GDP, €129.3 billion in revenues, 10% of jobs and €4.9 billion of investment. Tourism is the third largest wealth generator in Portugal.
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Eu nao savia que o turismo e o terceiro wealth generator in Portugal. muito bem. :applause:
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