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Eureka day in Bleak City

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It wasn't much of a day to venture up Eureka but time was of the essence so Marky Mark and I met up in town with a mission.

Hoping for the skies to clear up we took a stroll

The ANZ is still a great looking skyscraper

View from Queen St

The skies didn't improve so we took the risk and went up anyway.
And yep...

Back down on street level again

Wonderful Southern Cross Station

The old pub on the corner of Spencer and Bourke still awaiting a demo team

Looking down Spencer St

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The old pub on the corner of Spencer and Bourke still awaiting a demo team
Did you cop a bit of urine smell too? lol.

Should have told us you were coming, we'd have rolled out the red carpet for you and organised a meet around it.

ANZ and Eureka are just magnificent buildings!
Melbourne still looks great in the gloomy weather. I love being able to see the lit-up interiors of the buildings on such dark days
Melbourne looks great. It looks cold, But I like the weather, You do get sick of day in and day out sunshine.
In Dunedin, you'd have to like the cold wouldn't you?:)
Yeah but Dunedin is my true hometown (Were I was born and lived 8 years of my life), I live in Townsville atm. ;).
I'm sort of glad it didn't clear up, I really like the foggy city pictures
fark me they are fantastic. Melbourne looks great, even in fog! i am trying to round up a trip there sometime this year :)
While the weather wasnt perfect to admire the views, at least there was no glare from the windows. The glare ruins the view on the nice days :(

And I cannot wait to see Spencer St in the next few years once the old powerstation and The Age sites are redeveloped. It's only going to get better for the strip :)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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