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Eurobasket 2021 bids

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Eurobasket 2017 is over with Slovenia winning the cup ,and now count 4 years for the next Eurobasket in 2021.Until now only Spain and Serbia(probably with Slovenia) have shown some interest If i have read well the news, 1) Spain 2) Serbia.

Any other rumours?
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I would really love to see a greek bid and Greece's comeback to the big sport events, after many years of absence.
A joint bid with 4 countries:
- Slovenia
- Croatia
- Serbia
- Montenegro
Humm...remembering me something but what ?
Italy would candidate for Eurobasket 2021 witch France and/or Greece
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^ I could see Greece wanting to co-host with Italy but probably not if Greece doesn't get the finals. If Italy wants the finals, I hope Greece decides to bid by themselves.
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