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(Europe) Film location search - Cityscape form Road

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Hi there at skyscraper city,

I'm new here! firstly what an awesome resource!

Let's get into it - I'm a production manager working from London, searching for a particular location to do some filming for a commercial.

My search is Europe wide so very broad, I thought maybe some of you may know of such a place - it's very particular, but I think specific to your interests.

A large road/motorway or autobahn approaching a Cityscape Vista, the cityscape must be in clear view as you approach it from the road. Ideally a large motorway or autobahn.

Would any of you know of such a place? If so could you please recommend it! Even if you just have photographs and a city name I'll try to track down the location.

I've been searching google maps, flickr and various other picture sharing platforms to trace images. Also approaching European motorcycle tour companies.

Attached is an example of a view that works well, you can be as broad and creative as you like as we are defining what would be best for the project as we search.

Thanks for your help I appreciate its an odd request but hopefully some fun too!

If the picture does not appear her is a link
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