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European Capital of Culture 2023 bid/investment potential

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Apologies if this subject has a thread elsewhere (Link to this being potential significant infrastructure/buildings investment etc)

I popped down to Quarry Hill yesterday for what was supposed to be the 'final push' for the Leeds bid. Whilst I appreciate this is supposed to be a cultural quarter, who on earth decided to hold it there? As far as I could see there was very little publicity about it in the city centre (which is of course where the main footfall is) The tents/stages etc were largely hidden from view and there were very few people about despite the glorious weather. In my view it should have been held on the Headrow/Cookridge Street/Millenium Square areas with much better marketing, visibility, signposting etc. We should be shouting about it from the rooftops, Leeds's USPs etc - not feeling embarrassed about it. First impressions count. Saw the council leader on Look North trying her best to be enthusiastic about it, bless her, but we really need someone more dynamic (eg a Gary Verity type) Hope on I'm not being too negative but if this sets the tone for our bid we've got no chance.
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I went down yesterday too and was really surprised how quiet it was. I've been reading about the bid for months and it was on BBC Leeds yesterday afternoon, but I agree - there was no signage, no banners, nothing from the town centre down to Quarry Hill - even Light Night had posters up around the city showing where each event was. I don't see how anyone would have managed to pick up the trail and get there without knowing about it beforehand, it was a real shame. I imagine it was held there as it is the 'cultural quarter' and if anything, was a great advert for how we need some more cultural investment that the bid would bring... Had some good vegan Mexican food from a stall though, so it wasn't all bad.
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