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yesterday has a good evening talking photsd from one of my strategical spots. I tried really hard this time and even ignorned by best freind in the entire world due to my high concentration of what i was doing. This is probably the best my camera can deliver so expect soem better ones when i get a new camera later on this year.

looking east towards aapt-

down to gledden building (soz for clarity)-

top of amp and big bad bankwest-

amp, smaller towers and river-

bankwest towering over amp-

river again-

looking south-

axa centre-

over to the western suburbs-

kings park and western suburbs-

western cbd and beyond-

qv1 and woodside-

statton and telstra-

hay st looking west-

the northern stingehole-

northbridge and northern perth-

hotel ibis (only example of green neon in perth)-

test and statton later on-

on adiffrent mode-

northbridge again just later on-

eastern cbd-

west perth later on-

amp, allendale and more-

looking over to kwinana (bright, distance light is hte oil refinary)-

barracks square and other city offices-

the lovely little westpac centre,20fl 85m (undergoing revamp)-

axa centre, 80m 19fl-

looking down to the terrace below-

just a random angle-

westralia square-

western cbd again-

hay st buildings-

eastern cbd at a different time-

hay st mall-

aapt and east perth-

south at a later time-

from northbridge-

skyline from south perth-

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great pix, hey in this shot out at leederville you can see the dominating church spire of st marys. its tallest in WA at 45m/150ft!
ive never seen a close up. only far shots. has anyone been up close or have close ups. really appreciate anything.


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Oriolus said:
I spy a pic for the BMU thread - AXA with it's BMU sitting on it tracks.

Is that the Exchange Plaza with numbers displayed on the top - something to do with the ASX I presume?
See this photo>

Nice work dilaz.
yes thats exchange plaza, the numbers on there are about the asx yes, they usualy display and are doping so in the pic, ALL ORDS _ _ _ _ (number,points) than arrow up or down to show if its gone up or down, and than _ _ 2 numbers to show how many points its gone up or down by.

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back in late 30's when Gledden bldg was completed. the cnr turret provided a great observation deck for 42m
After completion in 1937,WW2 halted development thus Gledden was last highrise bldg until 1954.

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