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Ever heard of New Caledonia? No, then just cast a glance!

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New Caledonia

the small and quaint capital Nouméa

the Kanack Cultural Centre, it has a smashing architecture and fuses well into the surroundings

outside of capital

landscape and beach pictures

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Looks like a little paradise. Can anyone live there ?
wow. I've heard music from New Caledonia, but never actually saw the place. It is as amazing and tropical as it sounds in the music. I love it.
WoW! New Caledonia is really great! :cheers: And i knew it ;)

i would like to go there someday! :)
Looks like a little paradise. Can anyone live there ?
If you are a citizen of the EU, then yes you can ;O) I believe any EU citizen can settle in New Caledonia without a Visa. However, you must be either self employed or can sustain your living. If you wish to work in New Caledonia you still have to apply for a visa, but being an EU citizen this shouldn't be a problem.
Matthias, would you please go back to the first couple of entries of photos and edit in some kind of source credit for the pictures? I am surprised I missed this thread back in May, but all posted pics must have a credit in this section. Thanks
beautiful place...looks very peaceful and clean. :applause:
I have family from Noumea, truly a beautiful place.
what a nice landscape and beautiful beach...:drool:
It looks really nice, but I don't think I could live there...
Looks very developed!

I've heard it has the second highest GDP per Capita in Oceania....does it receive many subsidies from France????
Wow beautiful beaches.
you can have any car you like as long as it's a Peugeot
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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