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every side of an ordinary city in southwestern China

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Technically, Chongqing is a municipality, same as Beijing and Shanghai, or a city with a province status. However, Chongqing covers a much larger area ( 80,000 sq km ) than Beijing ( 16,000 sq km ) and Shanghai ( 6,000 sq km ). Thus it would be helpful to think Chongqing as a "province" with the provincial capital as Chongqing city.

Today I am going to introduce a ordinary city, in terms of economy or population, in Chongqing region. The city is Fuling ( 涪陵 ). Since we have been seen too many buildings in China, this thread will be more focused on PEOPLE in Fuling.


"Chongqing Province"

Fuling city in "Chongqing Province"

Fuling overview

Fuling street

Fuling street
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Fuling's celebrity, Huyao ( 胡瑶 )

Huyao's album

Fuling's new generation

Fuling's new generation, kind of nuts

Fans of rock'n'roll

the boy might not realize that the lotus leave stub kind of resemble something, very sexy!

apparently, parents are away

"got a problem with me?"

new serviceman

really want to know whether this little girl believe in buddhism

little girl and tiny boy

Fuling's little girls

playing kites
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opening ceremony of Chongqing sport game

Scary commercial, geez, it might work the opposite way

Scary commercial

free street music show

street performances

Performance (sing, dance and funny show) for lunar new year or other anniversaries

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I will continue later, please wait.
It is sad that like many places in China, peasants are still poor

an old woman worthes respect, but sigh.......

farmers' special day

Reap mustard ( 榨菜 ) in a good day

farmer's market


finally, home

Hoho, please don't cry

the best time in whole life

a buisness meeting in Fuling's orphanage, all members uniformed, except one

after the meeting
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While comparing dollar by dollar (or rather yuan by yuan), these farmers are much poorer than their counterparts in urban areas, but their lives aren't exactly nearly as bad. The reason for that quite simple, the standard of living is much lower in rural areas than urban areas, so one doesn't need to earn as much money to afford similar things. At least these farmers have food, shelter, jobs, things that many poor in cities, be it China or the U.S., simply don't have.
sad stories in Fuling city

an electrical worker

a barber competition in Fuling

a calligrapher, at least that's what he thinks

thinking about the past

visiting parents

Jang Nara ( 张娜拉, left, Korean pop star ) and her Fuling fan

Fuling's zoo, one species only

Fuling's young ladies

before the game, no audience

after winning the champinship, still no audience

despite the high-pitch voice and instrument, no one cares

all is about long march, not of military-, but of tourism-purpose

monument of long march heroes (Chinese Red Army)

honoring the communist martyrs

become CCP members
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