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exmaples of angled / diagonal elevator?

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is there anything similar that can carry passenger in a diagonal way

cos i am doing a school project(degree year 2) which I decide to have a diagonal elevator
which my building is roughly about 25 m in height

I want to ask about the minimum inclined angle?

and are there any photos and plans for the structure ?
or can you guys suggest any reference buildings for me :)

really thanks !
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eiffel tower
st. louis arch
Rama 8 bridge in Bangkok
Le Stade Olympique in Montréal has an inclined tower. Largest in the world I believe.
The elevator runs up the backside of the tower.

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The funicular in Québec City

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Are funiculars considered angled elevators?
Luxor Hotel - a pyramid shaped hotel - Las Vegas.

It's a hollow pyramid, about 30 stories tall, with a 28-storey atrium. The angled pyramid walls houses the hotel rooms. Stayed there for a few nights near New Year 2000.
Don't know if this qualifies as an elevator...but it moves people in a building...but horizinatally...the glass is opaque, floor,walls,ceiling, then it moves out from the side of the Eureka Tower, Melbourne, Australia...then..the glass turns clear to give you a thrill?
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this is the inclined elevator in Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang

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