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Expanding Tseung Kwan O

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Green group urges rethink over Tseung Kwan O public housing plan
Conservancy Association says an environmental report on the area missed several rare species of vegetation
October 8, 2017
South China Morning Post Excerpt

An environmental group has accused the government of underestimating the ecological value of green belt sites earmarked for housing development in Tseung Kwan O, citing valuable trees and a fragile ecosystem in the area.

The accusation came as the Conservancy Association found the government’s proposal to rezone five sites, covering green belts and community uses, for public housing development.

Green belts, located on the fringe of urban settlements, are used as zones to prevent cities and towns from encroaching on environmentally sensitive areas.

But the plan was approved by the Executive Council, a top official advisory body, and it is now under public consultation by the Town Planning Board, which will end this Wednesday.

The five sites are located in the north of Tseung Kwan O Village, the northwest of Ying Yip Road, the south of Chiu Shun Road, the west of Yau Yue Wan Village and east of Hong Kong Movie City.

But the green group said the development project would affect 11.4 hectares of vegetation and fell more than 15,000 trees, including an ecologically valued species that had been overlooked in an environmental report, commissioned by the Civil Engineering and Development Department. The report served as a reference for the deliberations of the relevant government bodies.

“The green belts aren’t as ecologically insignificant as the government would want us to believe,” said Roy Ng Hei-man, campaign manager of the association. “For example, in a woodland in the north of Tseung Kwan O Village, we found 16 mature trees of the legally protected Pyrenaria spectabilis, also known as Common Tutcheria, each five to seven metres tall, instead of only one tree as pointed out in the report, and there are also many of its small seedlings.

A total of 11,260 flats are expected to be built for 31,530 residents, if the plan is approved.
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Reclamation in TKO Area 137 to start in 2025 for housing 34,000 people in 2030
The Standard Excerpt
Jan 19, 2023

The government plans to launch reclamation work in Area 137 in Tseung Kwan O to accommodate 34,000 residents in 2030.

The Development Bureau on Thursday published the preliminary development brief for TKO Area 137, a new residential housing-based community.

The developable land required for TKO Area 137 is 101 hectares, said the Bureau, suggesting 25 hectares of land could be provided from TKO Area 132 by projects ranging from reclamation to cutting slopes.

More : Reclamation in TKO Area 137 to start in 2025 for housing 34,000 people in 2030
Big plan for Tseung Kwan O revealed
The Standard Excerpt
Jan 20, 2023

More than 135,000 people will live in 50,000 flats to be built on what is presently identified as Area 137 - a 101-hectare spread next to the landfill in Tseung Kwan O - despite opposition.

The number will include 93,000 people in 34,000 public housing flats, the Development Bureau revealed. That comes with housing in the area being split between public and private housing at a ratio of 70:30.

Construction will begin in 2025, though 80 hectares have already been made ready for development while around 20 hectares are coming from reclamation.

The bureau expects to complete the reclamation in 2028, with the first 34,000 residents moving into 12,600 apartments in 2030.

"The area, as large as four Taikoo Shings, will be constructed and planned around transport infrastructure, ancillary facilities and a green and livable environment," a bureau spokesman said.

More : Big plan for Tseung Kwan O revealed
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The buildings on area 137 are logical and with the extension of the MTR manageable. But the additional reclation of area 132 is horrible.
Sometimes I have the impression: the government and the investors will fill up all the harbour to create new land and make money out of it. But the topographic situation of the city makes it! That is part of the magic! Area 132 make not any sense at all, but will destoy the next corner. In the end HKG will be another city lost all of its uniqueness.
Hong Kong lawmakers call for rethink on ‘obnoxious’ public service facilities planned for Tseung Kwan O after proposal attracts 7,000 complaints
South China Morning Post Excerpt
Feb 1, 2023

Hong Kong lawmakers have appealed to the government to rethink a proposal to build six “obnoxious” public facilities on reclaimed land in Tseung Kwan O as one said they had received more than 7,000 complaints from area residents in two weeks.

Several members at a Legislative Council meeting on Tuesday slammed a government proposal to build six public service centres on reclaimed land along the western shore of Junk Bay in the New Territories.

They include a public fill transfer facility – where construction waste is gathered to be used for land reclamation – and a concrete plant.

Both have to relocate from a site in the same area which is to be redeveloped for housing.

The other four services include a facility to receive and convert zero-carbon energy from mainland China, a construction waste handling centre, a refuse transfer station, and a marine refuse collection point.

More :
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Hong Kong marks first authorised protest in 3 years as 80 homeowners march against Tseung Kwan O reclamation plan
South China Morning Post Excerpt
March 26, 2023

The first authorised protest in Hong Kong in three years began with a heavy police presence in the drizzle on Sunday, with about 80 Tseung Kwan O homeowners wearing numbered badges around their necks, marching against a reclamation plan.

The badges were an unprecedented requirement by the force. Among the other rules were a 100-person limit, a ban on face masks, and a police check of banners and leaflets, which some protesters regarded as “unreasonable”.

“Protect our ocean, no more reclamation at Tseung Kwan O,” residents carrying banners chanted as they marched along a cordoned-off route at around Sunday noon under close watch by about 50 officers.

More :
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Hong Kong protests: police restrictions on land-reclamation demo ‘disproportionate and unnecessary’, critics say
South China Morning Post Excerpt
March 28, 2023

Unprecedented curbs imposed on Hong Kong’s first authorised protest in three years were “disproportionate and unnecessary” given its small scale and non-sensitive agenda, legal and policing experts have said.

And they warned on Monday that continuation of the stringent rules by police could lead to self-censorship by the public and inhibit free expression.

But some also defended the force’s new rules a day after dozens of people showed up for a protest against a land-reclamation plan for Tseung Kwan O on Sunday.

More : Restrictions on Hong Kong land-reclamation demo ‘disproportionate’, critics say
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