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Expansion delays at the Port of Brisbane
Thursday 19 May 2005
The Port of Brisbane Corporation today announced the revised timetable for the relocation of motor-vehicle and general stevedoring operations from Hamilton to the Port of Brisbane at the mouth of the Brisbane River, as follows:

* The completion of 317-metre berth 9 is expected in late August. The first 100 metres were handed over to Patrick in early May.

* The contract for the "landlord" works to construct the $15 million, 28-hectare car precinct in Whimbrel Street was awarded to Leighton Contractors in March, and the pavements and services are due for completion in September 2005. These works are being fully funded by the Corporation.

* Construction of a flyover to link berths 1-3 to the new car precinct, which began in December 2004, is 80 percent complete and expected to be finished in July 2005. The Corporation will spend approximately $10 million to provide this infrastructure.

* Australian Amalgamated Terminals (AAT) — a joint venture between P&O and Patrick- will take over berths 1, 2 and 3 for motor vehicle and break-bulk handling, following the relocation of Patrick's second crane to its new Autostrad terminal. The Cargolink building behind berth 3 is being modified, and an office and amenities building is under construction, with a completion target of August.

* From December, AAT will construct a new shed on berth 3 for its future break-bulk handling operation. Upgrading of the pavement on berths 1 and 2 will also commence in December, with cars scheduled to begin arriving in April 2006.

* Work on pre-delivery inspection (PDI) facilities for Prixcar, which will relocate to the Whimbrel Street car precinct, has been awarded to Spaceframe. Spaceframe is due to commence works in mid June, for completion in November. Shade cloth installation will start in August, with completion expected in December.

* Patrick Autocare will also have a facility within the car precinct and will also be developing a PDI facility on a 5-hectare site at the rear of the AAT terminal. Patrick Autocare is currently tendering this work and will fund the PDI fit-out.

* P&O break-bulk cargoes will be progressively relocated from Hamilton to the Port of Brisbane in 2006.

According to Port of Brisbane Corporation Chief Executive Officer Jeff Coleman, the timetable for the relocation was always dependent on the timing of the completion of construction works on terminals 8 and 9, to enable Patrick to move its container operations from berths 1, 2 and 3 to berths 7, 8 and 9.

"The voluntary administration of Patrick's contractor, Henry Walker Eltin, in February this year, led to a delay in these works, which has meant that the relocation of port activities from Hamilton will now only begin next year," he says.

Following a three-month stoppage in construction, Patrick has entered into an alliance arrangement with Civdec to complete the terminal works, which are due to finish in December. From September, as the works are progressively completed, Patrick will begin to move its operations to the new terminal, with its second crane scheduled to move in December.

"Once berths 1, 2 and 3 have been vacated, Australian Amalgamated Terminals will be able to begin preparing these berths for the handling of break-bulk cargo and motor vehicles," Coleman says.

The Port of Brisbane is undergoing its busiest construction period ever in preparation for the relocation.
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