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extensive footage of DT Beirut, Rauoche, and Ramlet al Baida in 1996

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A few days ago I discovered that my dad has professional and about an hour of clear footage of an extensive tour of Downtown Beirut in it's reconstruction, and Raouche and a little bit of Ramlet al Baida in 1996. The footage of DT is truly amazing, as you see all the workers, and reconstruction efforts, mixed with the bombed out remains of DT. Plus you see renders of how it was supposed to look, and boy is it different. It is truly phenomenal footage for people like us. It also displays the Raouche which has like 2 buildings on it, you can see them reconstructing the seaview, and riveira, and you also see many buildings that are now destroyed, there is a building next to the holiday inn there is the meridian, there is the Hilton, and alot of other hotels i cant recognize and half of the holiday inn that are all now destroyed. It is great to see.

Anyway, I wanted to give the footage out for free, but my dad wants to sell it. What do you guys think??
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This footage doesnt really "sell". Because it has no commercial value, the only places that I think would be interested in footage like this is maybe archival institutions, museums?.... maybe university film archives. Or places like non for profit organizations like "Ashkal Alwan"... but these are all places that would not buy this footage, but take it as donation. This is my thoughts about the matter judging from who would be interested in the footage and how they would go about acquiring it from you, I dont see anyone paying you any money for it.

I bet solidere has their own archives and documentation of this... I imagine they would.
What about giving it to the museums/schools for educational purposes and copyright it for commercial use?
I mean something like CC-BY-NC-SA or CC-BY-NC-ND licensing models.
Thanks guys. I will discuss this with him. My ultimate goal, is to allow people interested in Beirut, and it's construction to be able to view the footage. I will try to post it after Eid al adha. :)
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