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Ezdan Mall | NORTH DOHA | COM

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The Real Estate Company, Ezdan, is in the process of planning its future project Al Gharrafa Mall in Gharrafa, located opposite to the Landmark Mall.

The Gharrafa Mall, covering 90,000 square meters of built-up area, will be connected to the Landmark Mall with a bridge crossing the main road. The main attraction of the project is a combination of dining, entertainment and retail, along with a pedestrian-oriented multi-use environment. Apart from this, an Imax 3D Cinema is expected to be the main attraction of the mall, and the entire region.

The mall is so designed to reflect the dynamics of history, thereby creating a new relationship between architecture space and the programme.

Another major project of Ezdan is the residential complex in Al Wakra, which has been planned to be completed in phases by 2009. This project will be built based on Middle Eastern and Qatari architectural styles. The complex, on completion will house 5000 residents, while also offering amenities such as a spa, health club, sports court and swimming pool.
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Tim Hortons is now officially open!

Why the pink? It looks ugly :/
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^^ Its red, its pink because of the edit.

I gave this mall a visit today and honestly its pretty good ;)

They are opening Fuddruckers, Johonny Rockets and Pinkberry :D
Fuddruckers, and Pinkberry :D

Its about time Fuddruckers! After 15 years I think its about time to open another branch!
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