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Fabs Sydney: Warringah Expressway

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Since 1968 It's been a vital link for those commuting between the northern suburbs and Sydney.

Originally it was planned to link Sydney with the northern beaches but over the past decade it has been integrated into the orbital network of freeways. Much of the traffic originates from the M2 which leads towards the north west suburbs of Baulkham Hills.

There is a footbridge that crosses the expressway linking Neutral Bay with North Sydney (17 lanes wide at last count) and the views are lovely.

Neutral Bay

Opera House

North Sydney

Milsons Point

The drab office towers of the 1970's have become boutique apartments

Bondi Junction

The road itself

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Great pics Fabian!

I'm hate how Sydney is so hilly though. It blends all those smaller scrapers and skylines in. Concealing Sydney's true density.
The hills actually help - most of Sydney's regional centres are on the top of ridges - North Sydney, Chatswood, St Leonards, Hurstville etc and only make the buildings within them appear taller. :)
Nice photos, bro.

What's going on in the photo four from the bottom? Did they stop for a rest?

Also good to see some photos of the now complete "North" at Milsons Point.
Nice photos, I take it this footbridge is one of your fravorite locations in Sydney?
yeah!!! Sydney, by being hillly surely looks more puzzling and a couple of those pics, the Opera House looks right in the next corner!! must be stunning to encounter a huge gap of water in between.

Nice, looks like a tyre changing to me in 4 from the bottom.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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