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facade patterns

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I am looking for patterns and similar implementations in European architecture for the American churches and their facades

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What do you mean by you look for similar patterns? You mean like pictures of churches that look identical?
You should look into the "Types of Architecture"
America generally uses Dutch/German and mostly English Architecture. So, 60% English with 40% Dutch / German

Let`s start from the beginning
The Architecture changed every 120 Years or so.

First style was the original Classism. Witch was very, very close to Romanic.

After that came Romanic, called so because the Roman Empire developed it.
was in use until 1240. (Dates vary around Europe)

After that came from France Gothic. Ironically named after the German tripe "The Goths"

Around 1500 came the switch to Renaissance. That came fro Italy and used old Classical and blend it with Gothic. it Made something new.

Around 1650 Came Baroque. From Italy again.

Between 1750 to `60 was Rococo in fashion, from Italy again, but did not succeed.

Around 1800 Baroque was out and Classism had its revival. But only to about 1850.

Around 1850 came Gruenderstil or Victorian that lasted till 1920 This style was a mix or revival of all that had been before plus some new designs. This is the time the USA like others used all that had been around before. Some call it Neo Historical.

In the 20`s we seen 5 different styles, (Like Art Deco) but the German Bauhaus on the one side and the simple Cape Cod inspired Heimat style that came out are in vogue till today.

We also had in the 60`s some movements like "Brutalist" or "Post Modern" in the 80`s. But they didn`t made it mainstream.

But the USA always used styles from different EU countries.

Last thing to say is that there are differences in the names the styles have, like the British use names of their royalty at that very same time. Like Tudor (Renaissance) or Georgian (Classism)
Also, to make it more difficult for you, the timeframes differ. It took Baroque some time to cross the continent. Also, there are regional differences.
Art Nuevo or also Jugendstil (Did not made it) used from 1890 to 1910 looks in Spain completely different then in Lithuania. Renaissance in Germany has steep roofs in difference to Italy with an not quite flat roof.

Your question usually is a subject to study in Universities, you know.
So, you have, if this wasn't your question, to specify your question. I tried to answered as good as possible.
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Thank you for your help.

I'm interested in similar churches, which could be inspiration for the architects of these churches. Where can they get the patterns? I searched for the solutions but I didn't find. I thought maybe someone here saw encountered similar facades (or interiors). I'm interested what was inspirations for architects
to choose those fotm. If not specific solutions with which places (Germany, England, Rome ...)

If we have a church with three aisles, a façade with two towers and a dome we can talk about St. Peter's. Peter in Rome?
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Simple Post pictures and ask for twin buildings or the names of the Architectural style. Usually, if you look in the right region in Europe, you will find hundreds of identical or close looking churches. You could also look for "styles of architecture" here in SCC and outside in Wikipedia.
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