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Fact Check (Somalia Picture ?)

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I hope its ok I start this thread. I often see pictures on Twitter that people say is of Somalia. It pisses me off when people lie. I don't know if its intentional or they are too ignorant to fact check. Can we use this thread to help each other fact check certain photos people claim are from Somalia, but we are really not sure.

I came across this photo today on twitter with the caption "Somalis living life at the beach !"

It gives the impression this picture was just taken in Somalia. I am hesitant to believe. I hate fraud stuff. Why do people do this. I think its from Tanzania. I can't confirm it. Can anyone ?
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you started a whole thread about fact checking but ended up not knowing the facts of your own post.
It's the Zanzibar food night market. Not in Somalia. People some might be misled. That happens often with pictures on the internet. Simple mistake.
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