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Falkland North

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Detailed Info

At 1,020 units this is the biggest project proposed in Silver Spring to date. The apartment complex by Home Properties will include a Harris Teeter grocery store in almost 60,000 square feet of ground floor retail. The price paid is the loss of the north parcel of the Falkland Chase complex pictured below.

Falkland Chase was built around 1938 as a "New Deal" project. The opening of the project was attended by Elanor Roosevelt who cut the inaugural ribbon.

Preliminary Planning

Quick Facts,

  • 1,020 residential units
  • over 60,000 square feet of ground floor retail
  • Interconnected high rises measuring 143' feet
  • 15 stories
  • Over 1000 parking spaces
  • 128 MPDUs

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Very nice. To bad that building is that old building is going to get destroyed....I know they integrate it...maybe. Is the parking underground??....I can't tell from the renders. Good looking project though.
I'm trying to figure out where exactly is Falkland North in Silver Spring. The aprtment complex looks familiar.
Falkland Chase's north parcel is bounded by 16th Street and East west highway, on the same route to the metro station and the FedEx\Kinkos.

That historic building in the picture isn't going to be touched, it's in the south parcel and the most significant, they will have garage parking, from the looks of it underground.

Although the project can use some work will be getting a Harris Teeter.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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