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You may know that Paris is a town in France. As a Frenchman, I've been told for years that apparently, it was our capital. That big Haussmanian vacuum ideal for winds and that rivulet lacking amplitude named Seine were chosen to embody France (or more precisely, Paris created France). As you may guess, I wanted to hate Paris but I fear that having a walk alongside that very same Seine prevented me from having such feelings. I'll be snobbish for something else.

You all know Paris, just pics with some comments, to need to make a complete tour.

My cousin provided accomodation for me. It was in the NW suburbs, in Clichy. Views from the appartment :

So let's head to Paris. Giving names to pics is an uneasy task : boulevards all look the same. On the right bank, Rue Réaumur :

Approaching the Louvre ... There I had a long talk with a Romanian woman wanting to sell me a ring. The best way to avoid that is to speak Gascon. "Ne parli pas francés, que'n soi hèra desolat".

Saint-Germain-l'Auxerrois :

Crossing the Seine should be an emotional moment. I fear I lack Parisian mannerisms so I couldn't pretend that I was reaching another universe.

I cannot deny that Île-de-la-Cité has got much charm.

Near the Palais du Luxembourg : quite arguably, Paris' most pleasant area.

Back on the right bank with Place de la Concorde :

There I understood Paris : Paris is only about the left bank. The right bank is monumental but lacks delicacy.

I fear that I could not escape a trip to Montmartre. There I met another man insiting on selling me goods I did not need. "Que'vs disi qui ne parli pas francés !". He answered : "Hablo español". Tricked.

Sacré-Coeur is an architectural outrage. It's so ugly that it makes it quite interesting.

When I was a little boy, I was afraid of the Eiffel Tower. The first time I saw it I nearly fainted (I was 10). Too much emotion : that tower embodied the greatness of Paris 800km from home. When I was a little boy, I also feared dandelions and the color blue but I'll talk about it another time.

The next month (ootober), I had to come back to Paris. Around Saint-Lazare :

So many boulevards and so few military victories to celebrate ... Nothing's better than self-French-bashing. :D

Not far from most government departments.

Does Belgium still exist ?

The Madeleine :

Not far from the Opéra, that big meringue that was worth a Second Empire.

I was not able to properly centre that photo ...

Rue Saint-Honoré :

People in love with administrative affairs will recognize France's Conseil d'Etat, soon to be dismantled by despots in Brussels. :D

Here comes the Louvre. I'm amongst those old-fashioned reactionary guys believing that this pyramid is a disgrace.

Towards the left bank :

Henri IV ! My fellow Gascon King.

Here are thinking people. Don't dare contradict them.

Then I headed to what used to be the railstation uniting SW France with Paris : Austerlitz. Facing Austerlitz is Gare de Lyon.

I actually like Bercy.

Then I decided to go to the Eiffel Tower in order to check if I had conquered my ancestral fears. It was opposite where I was ...

I fear that I find Front-de-Seine very stylish.

I'm ashamed to provide you with such a classical view ...

Next time I go to visit my cousin (actually next time I'm selected for an oral competition ... that I will eventually fail as I'll frighten the jury when asking for the dismantlement of Rhône-Alpes), I'll try to take pics of more unknown areas. Clichy was great for instance.

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Giri I love your commentary please comme back and show us something !!! :D
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