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Famous Arabs, when they were young

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Diana Haddad

Diana Karazon

Old King Farouk

Jamal Abdul naser

Haifa Wehbe

Layla 3alwi


Mona Zaki

Nader Jalal

Najat al sagera

Nancy 3ajram

Nawal Zoghbi

Nicole Saba

Rami 3ayyach

Reeham absar meen

ART Safaa abu al saud


Yuri emra2adii
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WOW! thanks for those pics! very nice to see those stars in the younger years! :)

Haifa looks soooo cutteeeee adoooooraabblleeeeee:), i would eat her :lovethem::hug:


and King Farouk, looks like hes wearing a girls outfit? i ve never seen boys wear that cloth around their neck, hanging on the collar? ive seen KLM flight attendants wear that :)
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^^ That's royal kids clothing ;) the kids of the Czars wore that kind of clothing, even some of the English upper class/nobility in the late 19th/early 20th centuries :) (can't speak for anyone else tho since I'm not familiar with others' customs in that time period)

thanks suzan :) some of them are recognizable by their looks today, pretty cool to see all of them in their younger years :)
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lol at the kids close they use to wear back when king farouk was a child
Diana Haddad looks like a boy! hehehe
Najat Al 9a'3eera looks nice!
omg..Nawal Zoghbi,my cute..........
Latyfa was cute
Reeham absar meen's parents look like hippies
Reeham absar meen

The mom looks like Bree from Despirate Housiwives! LLOLLL!
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1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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