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Fantasy Skyscraper Design Competition

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Hello all!

This was inspired by a fantasy competition that was held awhile back on the sporting forum (fantasy Olympic bids). I have no idea whether or not these are still around but...

If you are like me, you have probably doodled around in SketchUp or some other program with your own fantasy high-rise or skyscraper design. Maybe the site is fictional, or is a real site (that you have a vision in your head for), or maybe a combination of both.

Would there be any interest from forumers in having a fantasy competition?

My initial thoughts are something like this-

A fictional site would be chosen, with a spec list that will generally include:

Desired uses
Initial design/aesthetic preferences
site context
basic market information
ballpark budget (a general estimate only since many of us are amateurs without experienced knowledge, and this is a fake competition for fun anyway).

The competition would have an opening date and all entries would have to be received in a certain format by the deliverable date. There would be a list of deliverables which could include:

A summary and spec sheet
Renderings (of course...the fun part!!)
Any supporting materials

Then the "client" of us...would choose the winner. The competition could then either continue in a different organized fashion (the same client setting the challenge each time, or the winner becomes the client for the next challenge).

So the question at the end of all this is-

1. Is there any interest among forumers for a little bit of healthy competition in this fashion?

2. Is there already a thread devoted to this?

You can reply here, or send me a PM! Also... open to the challenge being a collaborative process as well.

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