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Fast Growth Homes Development | Kirkdale Road/Smith Street | 177 Apartments/Commercial Unit | 5-6 Storeys

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This thread is for the development of a plot of land, bounded by Kirkdale Road, Smith Street, and Whittle Street on the border between Kirkdale and Everton. The land is currently used as informal green space, which has been in place since the former housing on the site was demolished in the 1980s. In essence therefore, this is a brownfield site. The original plans called for a seven storey building, but the HRC needs to have their fun, so the current plans call for a part 5/part 6 storey building formed of two wings addressing Kirkdale Road and Smith Street, comprising 177 apartments. The commercial unit will sit on the corner of Whittle Street and Kirkdale Road, while the space between the two wings will be used for car parking, accessed off Whittle Street. The developer is Fast Growth Homes Limited, and the architect is FCH (natch).

Planning Application

Application Number - 18F/0417
Site Address - Land bounded by Whittle Street to the north, Smith Street to the west and Kirkdale Road to the east Liverpool
Proposal - To demolish existing building and erect mixed use part 6/part 5 storey building creating 177 residential apartments, commercial (Use Classes A1, A2, A3 and B1) residents gym, lounge and parking.
Applicant - Fast Growth Homes Limited

Site Location
- The site is shown in yellow. The red site is an unrelated application that encountered difficulty last year, which is why there is a need for us to get behind this one.
Original image from Google Maps. Copyright to Google.

Massing and Form
- These images come from the pre-application submission. They therefore show the building with seven storeys, not the six proposed, however they show the building's form better than other images included in the documents, so just imagine it with one less storey.
Copyright to the copyright holder. Shown here for informational purposes only.
Copyright to the copyright holder. Shown here for informational purposes only.
Copyright to the copyright holder. Shown here for informational purposes only.

- The predominant material is red brick, with grey brick soldier courses forming banding across the building. The uppermost floor is clad in bronze panels, with a glass balustrade along the edge. The circular corner feature is clad with vertical metal fins.

Kirkdale Road elevation -
Copyright to the copyright holder. Shown here for informational purposes only.

Smith Street elevation -
Copyright to the copyright holder. Shown here for informational purposes only.

The period for the acceptance of comments is not open yet, but I'll bump the thread when it is, so we can send some submissions of support, as all told, it's not a bad development at all.
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You might be right. The D&A statement says 1980s, so I just put that, but it might be wrong.

The housing here was only demolished as recently as the 00's I'd say.
Keep us posted Chris!
Will do. :)
OK folks, the period for comments is now open and will remain open until Thursday 29th March.

After the difficulty the development across the way by The Rotunda had, it would be useful to give this one some support, and hopefully get it through at the first time of asking. You need not write reams. Even a short note of support can help. If everyone who regularly posts on here could submit something (and all those lurkers too), it might show that there are people in Liverpool who are keen to see the north of the city fully regenerated, and the multitude of gap sites started to be filled.

Submitted -
I am writing to offer my full support for this application. I believe the proposed development to be well-considered and appropriate for the location. The design of the building is good, with varied features adding interest. The rounded corner section is a welcome addition, offering a focal point to the major junction it will overlook. The creative use of the site is also welcome, with the parking provision located centrally, thereby allowing proper building lines to the adjacent roads. Facing a major thoroughfare in Kirkdale Road, I believe the height is also appropriate, stepping up slightly from the predominantly lower levels in the streets adjacent, in order to properly address the main road. It is also pleasing to see this gap site, that was formerly used as residential, but has in recent times found itself vacant, being regenerated and brought back into productive use. I therefore believe this to be a solid proposal that will make a positive contribution to the area, and as such I strongly support it.
Just a reminder that tomorrow is the final day comments are being accepted on this one.

If you haven't already, please submit something. It doesn't matter if you submit just a few words of support, or a whole tome. It doesn't matter if you're fully qualified in architecture or urban planning, or just have an interest in it. If you want to see a decent quality development in an area of our city in need of regeneration, just make your voice heard.

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I couldn't see anything happening today, but the site is fully hoarded -

For some reason, I've just remembered I need to put the wheelie bin out ;) -
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