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5 cities that are sure to fuel your wanderlust

by Femina Travel | May 12, 2018, 12:00 AM IST

City life has its own charm, with a thriving food scene, culture and of course, night life. Hit up this cities on your next vacay!


Over the past 10 years, Seville has transformed itself. Once a traffic-congested metropolis resting on its historical laurels, Seville has bloomed into a city of bicycles and trams, keen to reinvigorate its artistic past. The metamorphosis hasn’t gone unnoticed.
The capital of AndaluciÌÂ�a will host the 31st European Film Awards in 2018, and showcases its good looks
in the TV drama Game of Thrones. Adding to its artistic renaissance, Seville is celebrating the 400th anniversary of homegrown painter BartolomeÌÂ� Esteban Murillo, with half a dozen one-of-a-kind expositions continuing into 2018. And, yet, Seville is a city of atmosphere as much as sights. Amid the orange trees and public processions, the mood is ever-changing, from the solemnity of Semana Santa (Holy Week) to the joy of the spring Feria. Whether sombre or joyous, life here is always lived passionately.


After decades of neglect, Detroit is rolling again. Young creatives have transformed abandoned buildings into bike shops, distilleries and galleries. This has sparked public works, such as the hockey and basketball arena downtown, and the QLine streetcar that gives access to city highlights. Three new parks will extend the riverfront trail, plus hotels will emerge from old shops and a forlorn parking lot. The can-do energy is palpable. Take the innovators who bought a beat-up auto dealership, hung art in the raw space, and launched MOCAD (the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit). Meanwhile, murals brighten derelict buildings,urban farms sprout in vacant lots, and chefs cook in inventive restaurants.


Canberra packs a big punch for such a small city. National treasures are found round
every corner, and exciting new precincts have emerged. Manuka Oval is set to host an international test
cricket match, providing sporting fans the perfect excuse to visit Australia’s federal capital. Later in 2018 the Australian War Memorial will take centre stage as it hosts the 100th anniversary of the WWI Armistice; commemorative events will take place on November 11, 2018. Revitalised precincts such as NewActon and Braddon best illustrate Canberra’s new lease of life. Hotel Hotel in NewActon is the epitome of new Canberra style. NewActon is also home to A Baker, a restaurant showcasing locally sourced produce and wine. Meanwhile, a blend of pop-up shops and lively cafeÌÂ�s are sprinkled along Lonsdale Street in boutique Braddon.


Its completion seemed to take longer than a performance of the entire cycle of Wagner’s Ring operas, but the new 790-million-euro Elbphilharmonie concert hall was worth every extra year of delay. The glass top shimmers like crystalline sails while the base reflects the brick aesthetic of the surrounding historic and walkable HafenCity port area. From here, easily accessible Hamburg radiates out along its vast harbour and the Elbe River. Surprises abound: three-season riverfront beach bars, nightlife that’s among Europe’s best, and low-rise charms that reward wanderers who use the city’s dozens of old steeples as compass points.


A massive arts centre and 1,00,000sqm music complex, complete with banyan-caressed plazas and wave-lapped walkways, is emerging on Kaohsiung’s balmy harbourfront – Taiwan’s showcase for experimental architecture from around the world. Adding to this will be a cruise terminal, for those favouring an Odyssean approach to the port city. A 36-station light-rail system links these monuments to the rest of Kaohsiung. Further inland, on the Xiaogang Shan trail, hikers can view the Taiwan Strait from
a new 27m skywalk, a reminder that water is ever-present. Kaohsiung is surging with possibilities: visit before the world gets wind of it.

Welcome to Kaohsiung
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Chào mừng đến Kaohsiung
Bienvenue à Kaohsiung
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